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Each person has their specific health requirements that need to be addressed through a personalised nutritional service.

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Nutritional Services That Offer Standout Results

Whether you need help with a chronic health issue or want to learn healthy recipes which you can prepare for your family, ReBalance Nutritional Medicine in West Perth WA has the solutions for you. Here below is a list of what we provide and their benefits. 

Initial Consultation

In this 90-minute consultation, Joolz will assess the state of your health and look at your medical history as well as your family’s. She will also check medications and therapies you may be on, identify unhealthy diet and lifestyle catalysts, and assess your goals. 

From there she can provide you with a dietary and lifestyle modification plan. It’s worth noting that you may undergo any of the following if necessary:

  • VLA/BIA Quadscan to determine body composition
  • Dietary analysis

Family Nutrition

Serving your family home-cooked meals doesn’t have to be time consuming, difficult or limiting. If you plan ahead of time, you will find that you have several healthy options that meet your health requirements, lifestyle, budget, and cultural or ethical requirements.

Benefits of preparing home-cooked meals
  • Saves money and time
  • Improves food choices
  • Adds variety to your diet
  • Reduces food waste
  • Eliminates stress from not knowing exactly what to prepare for your family

Nutritional Analysis

With the use of an advanced nutritional software, we can analyse your daily dietary intake in a span of three days and see all 37 nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

This allows us to get a clear picture of how much of the daily recommended amount of these nutrients have you consumed. Aside from this, we’ll be able to identify possible nutrient deficiencies.

The results will be printed out in a coloured graphic report that includes helpful recommendations to improve your current condition.

Drug/Medication Dietary Interactions

Not all medications are compatible with the food you eat and vice versa. This is especially true with over-the-counter medicines, antacids, vitamins and iron supplements. In addition to this, the time you eat and the time you take your medication may also have an adverse effect.

There are certain types of food that expedite or delay drug absorption, some trigger antibiotics malabsorption, while there are also those that change the characteristics of a drug and its potency.

By undergoing this consultation program you will know whether you are taking the right medication.

VLA- Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing

This program makes use of a tool that measures your body fat composition against your lean body mass. Understanding the information you get will enable you to make the necessary changes to your diet and physical activities in order to improve your energy levels, lean muscle mass, nutrition and overall health.

Online Consultations

Joolz provides face-to-face telehealth services to people who don’t reside in Perth via Skype. To maximise this experience, you will need a stable internet connection and Skype installed onto your computer.

Polo Health & Nutrition

Preparing for a Polo competition is as important as preparing your horse. Following the recommended diet and exercise during preparation will boost your performance, improve mental clarity, prevent potential injuries, speed up recovery period, reduce muscle tension, and keep your body in peak condition.

Walk & Talk

Walking is not only a relaxing exercise, but it also promotes openness and a feeling of reassurance. According to research, walking creates life-changing effects especially on people suffering from depression.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of having a face-to-face consultation, you’ll definitely want to opt for our Walk & Talk program by the beach or amidst trees and plants. 

Book an appointment so we can start your treatment plan.

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