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Welcome to Recharge Life and our 3 Tier  Healthy Living Protocol

Is your lifestyle out of sync?
Are your nerves on the brink?
Are your habits the real link?

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Consult during Covid 19

Our centrally located clinic room means you can see us one on one, or else if you would like to remain in iso, we can organise Zoom, Skype or a phone consult. We can send you a kit to read and fill out before hand.

If you would like to be part of a movement of like minded people looking to obtain maximin health and happiness we have regular meetups, discussions  and guest speakers via zoom. When lock down finishes we will meet as a group in person once again.

A sample of our Meetup topics:
  • How to stay on top of your health in a changing world
  • Grow young and aging gracefully
  • How to live and stay positive.
  • Why am I sick, peeling back the layers.

If you have found this page I have no doubt you are been around the blovk many times to try to reach your perfect health.

We look at different modalities, and what works for one person and does not work for another.   Our team have varied experiences,  and are motivated to help you step over the line towards happiness and balancing your dis- ease.  But we look at your health in a different way to help you reach your goal.. You will have to be open and will ing to make a change as I have noitce many people eating the correct foods and doing all the corrects things but are still ill. So this requires a different approach, one out fo the box and out of left field

Our 3 Tier Protocol


1)  Lifestyle changes to reduce your strained emotional reactions and triggers.


2) The European high tech solutions from Germany to create wellness and balance and unblock years of overburden to your body. We co ordinate this with our reverse aging skin treatment.  Not only do you become a balanced person on the inside but this inner glow translates to an outer glow and therefore happiness. 


3)  If required, EMFs, water, mould or air pollution testing  to access your home/ environment for environmental stressors.

Redesign, reno or repurpose a house for healthy living, Sienna and and our Eco Builder and Green Electrician can help you create a healing house. 

Not every person needs a house reno, but some people may need to change where their bed is located or even what it is made of or how they do certain daily lifestyle things. 

One simple change occured when a lady called about terrible headaches, I checked out her house and her bed was centimeters from the electrical box.

Fee Schedule Adult

(Payment at the time of appointment)

  • Initial consult $180
  • Subsequent consult $120
Fee Schedule children under18
  • Initial Consult $160
  • Subsequent Consult $ 90

Other products and services

Hair Mineral Analysis 

Talks, seminars, demos & Meetups on line

We can organise a display or talk on how to lead a healthy life and your change to a healthier home. call 0402303899 for more details

What we may talk about:

1) Allergies: Why we are the Allergic capitol of the world and here is a quote to prove it. 

“Unfortunately Australia does appear to be the food allergy capital of the world with Melbourne leading the way,” explains Professor Katie Allen, of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

2) How to live or build or renovate a healthy home and remove the toxins.

Also topics on how using natural building materials to build and change your health like using industrial hemp as seen in Grand Design with Kevin McLoud.  He has featured 2 projects with hemp

Workshops and Demos

We can hold a demo or workshop for your group as a fundraiser or just for education purposes regarding your living  environment and how to stay healthy. Recharge Life has an eco registered builder Darren and an A grade Green electrician Adam on our team to rebalance the issues that face a home that may be causing you issues with your health. In fact we have people in each state.

Building Biology and Sick Building Syndrome

Water Testing (heavy metals) available

House Testing for Sick Building Syndrome from $250.00

Tesla Gold  EMF Harmoniser $750.00, does 30 metres

EMF Shielding for: New Builds, renos, geopathic stress, inverters and smart meter 

We have a
Certified GREEN A Grade Electrician
to tend to all your EMF needs 
A Eco Builder in every state of Australia
Call   0402303899 for a 15 mins free chat

Our Team

As part of our 3 Tiers to Health
we have a family of experts in their field.
The Recharge Life Team

Michele Tardini

(BA Comm/ Psych RMIT 1983, Bioresonance Therapy  Adelaide 2007)

Michele has trained in many areas of mind, body and environmental balancing. She can bring the body back to balance so it can heal its self and she works with the emotional triggers which raise strains to the body which manifest in many symptoms. Her bible books she encourages peole to read are many but Healthy Home Healthy Family from the Australian College of Environmental Studies and books on caring for your liver, kidney spleen along with books on changing your  mindset and historical lore on food from many religions are jewels in the search for health and happiness.

Michele tests houses and work places for the overload of EMFs  surrounding electricity, microwave frequencies, high and low frequencies, smart metres and any G's from Mobile phones.

Michele has been guiding people in areas of wellness and life changing habits for the past 25 years and testing the Building Biology and environment as it has been shown it may cause disharmony from Sick Building Syndrome or Geomancy.

Other tests includes assessing houses for inappropriate placement of emfs land in houses for rent, new builds and the geopathic stress.

Michele's interest in non toxic living has her promoting her protocols and guests appearances at the: Off Grid Expo, Seymour Alternate Farm Expo, Lost Trades Fair, iInd Body Spirit, Home Show,  and many more to promote expos that promote a healthy way of living.

Sienna T 

BA Architecture, Masters of Architecure  2018 - 

Sienna  has been working at a global sustainability Architecture firm for several years, her interest is in homes/office space that heal and she has a passion for materials that are natural such as hemp, rammed earth, stone etc.

Grand Design's Kevin McCloud  promtoes hemp homes as a            "no brainer"" and in 2018 a hemp home won Green Eco home of the year here is Australia. Kevin has featured 2 shows on hemp in his series.

Sienna can also give a talk on designing your home or reno for healing allergies and mould prevention and for specials needs children. A regualar house design just does not work for these children. The 7 star home locks in the toxins and has no air flow hence condensation in the apartment blocks.

If you need  help with concepts for your healthy no toxic home Sienna based her Masters Thesis on a landscape garden that heals and a retro fitted heritage building that heals due to design and materials for the senses.

As a guest speaker Sienna is a motivational and can talk at Mothers groups, council worshops, comunity groups or events.

Sienna is also an Instagram Influencer for Body Positivity for Plus size women.... sienna_amore and she is a force and a power house for getting motivated, setting goals and achieveing them and a great influencer for change. 

  • BA Architecture ( Monash Uni 2017)
  • Masters of Architecture ( Melb Uni 2018- )
Worshops/Certificates of completion:
  • Architectual Design Concepts  (Los Angeles USA 2014)
  • How to build a Hemp House (Victoria 2015)
  • Geopathic & EMF Testing Workshop  ( Melbourne 2013)
  • Certificate in Permaculture - Milkwood (NSW 2014)
  • Building Biology Workshop Assistant - (New Zealand 2016)

Mya G  

Mya is a motivational lifstyle coach and style changer and owned an exclusive boutique studio gym for 15 years. She is the style queen jewel in the crown for change and positivity.

Mya has a wealth of experience helping people to a path of happiness and positivity, whether it is dealing with loss and grief, weight management due to stress, eating choices, chronic disease, a toxic partner, living alone, dealing with your adult children or stressed as a new mother. She is a game changer for you and your health.

Corona virus has created a big shift in thinking and many people are having to make decisions to down size or move. Mya has experience and can guidance  if you have " loss of the past" due to corona and moving house and she can help as a lifestyle change coach and can guide you through what ever your requirements are. 

Mya has organised huge events in Melbourne and has been a public speaker and is a great mentor. She changes peoples lives.

Mya is very highly motivated and positive and lights up a room and she will get you on track.

If you are wanting an external image change which will be in harmony with your new internal change then she is the person that can help you. 

Mya and Recharge Life can create body positivity, a style reset to look younger and skin toning for a glowing new you with our international protocols to look youthful..

  • Owner of Shape Station  Boutique Gym ( Burwood 15 Years)
  • Certificate of Nutrition ( 2015)
  • Motivational Speaker and Chariety worker (Freemasons 2014-2017)

Sarah L

Dealing with addictions, mental and physical abuse, childhood molestation

Her Bio is on its way....


The door is closed, the media is closed to truth but we are open 

As you have decided to scroll down and read this far one would assume you are very interested in this mode of therapy, hence why you are hunting, searching and drilling through websites for answers.  19,000 practitioners are still in business in Europe and Asia. Thousands of patients attend daily, seminars, workshops, formal training, and a yearly conference in Germany with hundreds attending is what we are all about. This is clearly a serious business with mainly doctors, specalists and naturopaths whom are practitioners from the thousands in Europe and Asian countries. It would be discrediting them to call their methods substandard that would be discrediting the thousands upon thousands of trained doctors, professors, science reserchers globally that use this method.  

For your enjoyment I have some obsevations on anything OTHER than what you are looking for.  Enjoy>....

From food to pollution, what is making us sick?

Europeans in Australia seek out this therapy and solutions as they have experienced this when growing up in their home country.

Many immigrants became unwell when they moved to Melbourne from overseas. They want to go back to their pre immigration state of wellness, and their reactions to certain foods, pollution and different lifestyle has shifted their balance once in Melbourne.

Passion for Helping

Melbourne is the world's worst for thunderstorm asthma and in fact one of my best friend's  Paul died from the last storm, hence I am very passionate about helping people try to listen to their body to make the correct decisions and create a change in their habits to save their lives.  Paul would be alive today if he had made a different choice that fateful day.  It was a common sense choice which now has left a wife without a husband and 2 children without a father.

Common sense does not always prevail

Sleeping with a mobile phone, sleeping only cms away from a electrical metre box, using a lap top on your lap, males placinf a mobile hone in their pants pocket are all habits that could harm certain people if they are sensitive, is that you?

The  positive and negative flow of energy and air in the home and our strange house designs, locations of house builds and material used in Australia are lost with no common sense. 

It has been proven we are breathing more toxic pollution inside the home than outside. If you add all the wifi devices linking to the smart metres, our tvs and  laptops the struggling medical profession is hard pressed to understand your environmental lifstyle and to find a solution to fix hours of sitting and eating the wrong foods, in a badly placed house toxic house  in a soup of wireless everything.

Italian life style is not having a latte any time of the day 

A classic example of the Western society food habits and addictions is the cafe latte culture here in Melbourne.  Coffee with milk is seen as a breakfast drink in Italy and not to be drunk after 11.00am.  Ordering a latte with any meal after that time has the badge of being a "tourist".  To Italian's having a latte with a dinner meal is like ordering breakfast cereal with your steak, and it is also a poor choice having hot milk with a savory meal for your digestion at dinner time. 

Italians have a small vino and maybe a digestive aperitivo with their meals. The amount of gut issues here could  be linked to the food we eat, stress and our habits adopted from other cultures in the wrong way. What we drink and the amount of toxins that we ingest via processed and non organic foods can change many processes of detoxification in our body and cause inflammation, blockages  and illness. Cultures other than English speaking eating in a certain way and certain foods are not mixed together. But we say " down the hatch" and expect our liver and gut can cope as if it is a rubbish dump. "She'll be right"

Typical Aussie food:


Toast or cereal for breakfast with a coffee or just a coffee sometimes with a cigarette. Most cereals are full of sugar or glucose corn syrup.


Bread roll/ sandwhich or something with wheat like a (or a nori roll forlunch which has zero nutrients) Tuna ( full of mercury) and salad


The classic Aussie favorite, Italian food for dinner (washed down with a latte if dinning out). This carb, wheat/gluten laden daily ritual  does not create a healthy diet for your gut.

The whole Aussie food day is full of carbs and certain body types it can cause inflammation due to gluten issues or clogging your sinuses due to dairy dairy.

World wide environmental and lifestyle changes and addictions to certain foods, drugs and alcohol have meant more people are struggling to maintain good health. 

What we do & what we "do not" do 

Recharge Life takes all this into account in their protocol and the 3 principles they can use can clearly make a change to something as innocent as when you drink your coffee, which  can totally change your health.  

We all have a clear understanding of world cultures and how to get balance back your life. We  understand that Asians cannot stop eating rice and Italians and Aussies love their pasta, but we can tweak it all to help you to  achieve your best health without suffering.

Man made processed foods, emotional triggers, EMFS and Geopapthic stress from under the ground need to be addressed  with our life health system.

Building Biology and Geopapthic stress  are huge contributing factors to ill health. We do not know what we are buying or renting when we move house, reclaimed swap land like in Elwood with mould, toxic soil like at the old market gardens along Bayside,  heavy mentals like at the old rifle range at Point cook  or the high air pollution  in Brighton from the way the wind flows  over that suburb all contributes to ill health.  This is what Building Biology is all about, A Healthy Home in a Healthy location and not too close to any towers as we want a balanced lifstyle. 

Core Belief System 

Recharge life works out what is at the core of your health issues that has placed you on this path. These methods are suitable for all age groups and can even be used on animals

Recharge Life considers your suroundings at home, work, your lifestyle, your  emotional overload triggers as part of our protocol. By peeling back the layers we start to harmonises all aspects of your mind, body and your environment to bring you back to balance and homostasis.

Man made materials - homes have toxins 

What we eat, breathe and place on and in our body affects different people in different ways. Two people can grow up in the same family with the same environment, food and stresses but one person may have higher  “total body load”  than the other and tip over the edge and respond differently to triggers. During Covid 19 it was shown in 2 different hspitel researchers that Blood Type A is more prone to catching having issue with the disease.  Also they are mor eprone to other ill health.  We need to pay more attention to our bodies.

Total Body Load From Enviro Body & Mind

Imagine the body is an empty vessel. Every time you are exposed to a strain for example a certain food, a little more stress is added to the vessel. The size of the vessel differs from person to person and represents a patient’s constitution. However, when the body is exposed to too many strains at once the vessel  can overflow and manifests with symptoms, resulting in a person becoming unwell. This concept is known as “Total Body Load”.

"At Recharge Life we do not treat any symptoms, diseases or any alliment that has a name. We see the body as a whole and with our 3 tier protocol the body is grateful and starts to heal its shelf."

Symptoms we feel are the body putting up white flags saying "HELP ME PLEASE", to ignore the flags or try to remove them with out getting to the core reason could place the body in a more difficult position.

Melbourne is a Sick Place

Over the past fifty years allergy-related conditions have increased in Australia and can come from any manner of triggers. With the 2020 bushfires many people developed a cough and with Covid 19 people now need to be extra careful.

Professor Cenk Suphioglu the Assoc Professor of Biomediacal Science School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Deakin Uni says that "environmental factors like Melbournes wide open spaces and changing weather patterns make our city difficult to live in.  Our temperate climate is well suited for the growth of grasses... these factors have made Melbourne the thunderstorm asthma capital of the world."

Due to so many people having sub standard health they can become senstive to many other natural and man made factors and this is where we are able to help.

If you are open to becoming a lively happy participant in life and not just an ill observer we are here to have a free 15 min conversation.

We keep you on track, and in 3 months you will see a change on many levels as you look and feel to have more energy, more confident and happy.

Call between 9- 5pm  weekdays
for a free 15 mins discusssion

Qualification Details

Degree: BA Communications/Psychology (RMIT 1982)
Diploma of Natural Health Sciences (2008)
Certified BRT Bioresonance Therapy (2007 Adelaide)
Certificate Feng Shui and Geomancy
Trained EMFs & Geopathic tester
Building Biology
( ACES, Australian College of Environmental Science): Geobiology, Air Pollution, Air Sampling (2010-2012)
Touch for Health ( Kinesiology)
Certified Colour Light Therapist for emotional balancing.

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