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Recharge Life Bioresonance Therapy

Michele Tardini


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Recharge Life Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy
Natural Health Solutions

Bioresonance Therapy

        Welcome to  Recharge Life

               Are Allergies Affecting Your life???

           Does your home make you feel tired ?

                    Do toxic people stress you out?   

                                                                                                                                                                This electronic system provides visual and auditory signals corresponding to the patient’s physiological status. It detects changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing processExamples of use are: pain reduction, muscle relaxation, stress reduction and reduction of allergic reactions.

Recharge Life's 3 Phases to Wellness

Environmental, Mind & Body Solutions

The Recharge Life Wellness protocol uses:

1) The European high tech Bicom Bioresonance to "detect changes in physiological functions".

2) Scientific devices to access your home/ environment for enviromental stressors.

3) Recognise your stressed or emotional reactions.

Bicom Bioresonance Therapy & Biofeed Back       ____________________________________________________________________________________ 

The BICOM bioresonance device is used by over 17,000 doctors and naturopathic practitioners in more than 90 countries and the protocol is based on years of experience and clinical trials.

World wide environmental and lifestyle changes and addictions to certain foods and recreational drugs and alcohol have meant more people are struggling to maintain good health. Despite the scientific advances over the past century, many people are turning towards complementary therapies to find answers.

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy has been successful in helping people overcome these conditions for the past 30 years. Bicom Therapy is suitable for all age groups and can even be used to treat animals.

BICOM therapy is quantum physics and uses Biophysics, rather than Biochemistry.

All systems of medicine aim to change the body’s function by inducing a biological response. Conventional Medicine aims to treat these diseases in isolation, using the chemical-mechanical model of drugs and surgery. Biophysical models, such as Bioresonance therapy, use an energetic-informational model to achieve the same result.

We see illness as a failure of the body to regulate itself and Bioresonance therapy assists to restore this self-regulation.

How Does Bicom Bioresonance Therapy Work?     _______________________________________________________________________

The Bicom is an eletronic system providing visual and auditory signals corresponding to the patient's physiological status.

BioFeed Back Signals        _____________________________________________


The device detects changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal human awareness, and the Bicom amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing process. Examples of use are:

- Pain Reduction

- Muscle Relaxation

- Stress Reduction

- Reduction of Allergic Reactions


What happens during Bicom treatment?


At your initial consultation you will start your bioresonance therapy session after an assessment of your energetic state using the Bicom device. You will sit comfortably and relax with your hands and/or feet lth statusattached to the Bicom via special brass plates or pads.  The first consultation is longer as we co ordinate your health status for follow up sessions.  We also consider your emotional overload and its bearing on your current hea.

Natural & Man Made Frequency Patterns -      Homes Have Toxins


Pain, muscle tension, stress and allergies can arise and upset the body due to aspects of our daily lives and what goes onto and into our bodies affects different people in different ways. Two people can grow up in the same family with the same environment, food and stresses but one person may have a more “total body load”  than the other and tip over the edge and respond differently to triggers.

Every form of matter is condensed energy and radiates out this energy in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. Every substance therefore radiates out energy: the body’s cells, as well as natural viruses, bacteria, pollen, parasites or man made substances such as chemicals, toxins or EMFs etc radiate this energy. These substances display specific, characteristic wavelengths and are termed ‘frequency patterns.’

During a bioresonance therapy session, specific frequency patterns from a patient, or from substances that harm or stress the organism are picked up and then sent to the BICOM device via input applicator (a pad or brass plate).  Inside the device these frequency patterns are modulated,  depending on the progrsm delected by the therapist, and applied to the patient via output applicators/pads or brass plates.

The Bicom Bioresonance method works with a patients own specific endogenous frequency patterns and with the specific frequency patterns of the substances that are stressing the patient. ( as mentioned above). Bioresonance is a highly customised therapy, tailored to the needs of each individual patient. 

Total Body Load From Enviro Body & Mind


Imagine the body is an empty vessel. Every time you are exposed to a stressor, for example a food allergen, a little more stress is added to the vessel. If the number of stressors we are exposed to remains low, the regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can prevent the vessel from overflowing by processing and eliminating these stressors.

The size of the vessel differs from person to person and represents a patient’s constitution. However, when the body is exposed to too many of these stressors at once the vessel overflows, resulting in a person becoming sick. This concept is known as “Total Body Load”.

History: Bicom Therapy in Australia


Over the past fifty years allergy-related conditions have increased and can come from any manners of triggers. In Australia BICOM Therapists are fully trained in using the Bioresonance device for allergy sufferers. Established in Europe for over 30 years this therapy is now well established in Australia and the Bicom device complies with the European Union directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices and is included in the TGA Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods under the ARTG number 138918.


About Michele


Michele has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Psychology from RMIT and has been guiding people in areas of  wellness and life changing habits for the past 25 years. 

She trained in areas of Building Biology and the environment which may cause illness from Sick Building Syndrome and tests houses for EMFs which may be affecting people’s Health.  

Michele trained as a Bicom Therapist in 2007 and became a Rep for Bicom Australia until 2016. She was an assistant Bicom trainer in Victoria for a few years and has been a mentor to many Bicom Therapists around Australia.  

Due to her interest in healthy ways of living including healthy homes she became involved in the positive uses of  building low allergen homes and gives talks and runs works shops.

Fee Schedule of Bioresonoace


Initial consult    $180

Subsequent        $120


    • CHILDREN 18 & under & Social Security Cards
      Initial consult -                          $160
      Subsequent consults                  $100

      Payment at time of appointment:
    • Other Products & Services
    • Hair Mineral Analysis:( heavy metals etc)$140.00              
    • Heavy Metal Water Testing                    POA   
    • House Testing for EMFs(25 kms of GPO)$250.00              
    • Energy House Clearing      "            $250.00        
    • Tesla Gold Series Cube EMF Harmonise  POA
    • Bicom 2000 & Optima approved glass room clearingharmonizer (does 30 metres)  $750.00                             

Qualification Details

Degree BA Communications/Psychology (RMIT 1982)
Diploma of Natural Health Sciences (2008)
Certified BRT Bioresonance Therapy (2007 Adelaide)
Certificate Feng Shui and Geomancy
Trained in Geovital ( EMFs & Geopathic testing)
Building Biology
( ACES, Australian College of Environmental Science): Geobiology, Air Pollution, Air Sampling (2010-2012)
Touch for Health ( Kinesiology)
Certified Colour Light Therapist ( Emotional Healing)
Certificate Qi Gong Medical
Certified Reiki 3

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Bioresonance Therapy