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Recovery Bar

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Recharge. Refuel. Recover

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Recovery Bar

The RecoveryBar Story

The RecoveryBar is a privately-owned sports recovery company, uniting everyday people who value health, fitness and being the best versions of themselves, with treatments and sports recovery services that were once only ever available to the sporting elite and mainstreaming the term “recovery”.

The inception of The RecoveryBar evolved from a light bulb moment for company director, Lou Ferguson, four (4) years ago while she was helping a client with their recovery for an three day, endurance sporting event. Understanding work and family commitments continue to function outside of sport, Lou wanted to ensure her client could return home after competition and still be able to carry out the day to day events called “LIFE” with minimal muscle pain and stiffness so Lou set about programming a general recovery plan which included simple things like; what to eat and drink, a sleep time table (to reduce fatigue and maintain energy levels), Massage Therapy (to help reduce muscle soreness), stretching and mobility (to keep stretchy and mobile), Compression therapy (to help improve blood flow) and Ice baths (to decrease inflammation and swelling). The plan worked and she returned home feeling good, being able to jump straight back into work, training and LIFE! However, this was not the case for the other competitors.

During this event, Lou witnessed many competitors with muscles aches, pains and injuries that could have been prevented with access to the right services. One image that stuck with Lou was that of a competitor lying face down on the ground, covered with bags of ice (the ones you buy from the Service Station) to soothe their sore, tired legs. It was this exact moment that triggered the idea of bringing recovery services to the client and or event to help them Recharge, Refuel and Recover. What followed a few months later was birth of The RecoveryBar Event Service (previously named the LouFerguson RecoveryBar)

This light bulb moment four years on has now grown to include The RecoveryBar Clinic, a dedicated sports recovery centre, servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding communities, The RecoveryBar High Performance Program, an online and in person, flexible sports recovery program, and of course, The RecoveryBar Event Service, where we have helped up to 20,000 Weekend warriors, up and coming junior sports people, semi elite and elite athletes across Australia Recharge, Refuel and Recover.


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