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Theresa is a Reiki Intuitive Healer 5th Degree & Clinical Hypnotherapist and other energy healing modalities - with over 15 years experience! She loves hearing her clients feedback on how the energy healing sessions have helped re-energise, shift old patterns emotions/trauma and opened them up to higher vibrational frequencies and new ways! Some client outcomes after a few healing sessions have reported anxiety shifts, confidence, depression states gone, fearful thoughts lowered, feeling more love, happier, physical pain shifts, relationship harmony, shifts in weight loss, clarity and more. We currently live in a heavy masculine world of constantly doing, being fearful, feeling controlled, losing touch with our true intuitive self and its time to re-awaken and take back your power. As you reset and shift your world changes and you will find yourself surrounded by more self-love, synchronicity, energetic support, awareness and manifesting for your highest good. During our life we trap or push down emotions/traumas in the energetic body system and it can be passed through our ancestry DNA that keeps building! If not released or reset it can cause all types of dis-ease within, depression, anger, resentment etc. Energy healing and mindset work can assist and support to unwinding this :) I'm here to guide and facilitate a safe space for you to re-awaken to your true guidance & possibilities! xxoo

Blissful Reiki Energy Sessions and Mind Reset Hynotherapy in Red Hill!

Servicing area

Brisbane, Red Hill, Ashgrove, Paddington, Milton, Enogerra, Newstead, Newmarket, City

Focus areas

Cancer management Relaxation Love Energy Overwhelm Chakras

Reiki is a gentle energetic healing modality, that is now being used in some parts of the world in hospitals alongside cancer and other chronic disease treatment plans. 

Now more then ever you may be feeling fearful, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed etc in your mind & body (big energy shifts are happening), a Reiki sessions can help with this, don't try to figure it out mentally as it all happens on the energetic level, just come with an open mind & the rest will unfold for your best & highest good :)

What happens during a session?

You lay fully clothed & have gentle hand placement on or above areas that require energy recharge/release (chakras). You may feel a little heat, tingling, coolness & deep relaxation etc during the treatment.  I start with a quick consult & then use the Tibetan singing bowl to clear the energy first before commencing the Reiki treatment.  I may suggest after the treatment some tools to assist with the healing, whilst the Reiki energy is aligning & clearing over the next week. Initially to see improvements & release old patterns etc it is recommended 2-4 treatments every one to two weeks, then top up treatments as needed. You can also choose to combine Reiki with Emotional Freedom Tapping that also will work well with the Reiki.  It focuses on tapping certain meridan points to assist in releasing anxiety, depression, pain, anger, fear, phobias etc.

How can Reiki help me?

Reiki supports your specific path at the time and can bring renewed energy/insights to create new ways of being and seeing things - a miracle in itself! With focused sessions, you will open up to the loving energy & move to higher positive & calm vibrations.

Are you looking to get unstuck, increase your energy or attract new things, be more happier, get in touch with your true purpose!

Perhaps you are suffering from negative vibes, depression, addiction, grief, anger, envy etc then the gentle energy will restore you & re-balance/flow your chakras & aura field.

I look forward to supporting you or your loved ones, remembering you are not alone & things can get better & shift sometimes quickly!

Reiki Home Space Clearing;

Some clients also have been needing home Reiki Space Clearing, to support the Reiki shifts & continue to lift the vibration at home, clearing stagnate energies/emotions that are vibrating around your home.  Ever feel something that seems not right in a room or in general in your home?  This can affect your sleep, mindset, emotions etc.  Sometimes, you can shift from a treatment then go home & walk back into lower vibrational/stuck space that can start to bring you back down within a couple of days! Energetic space clearing can assist with this!  

Love, light & all things bright!



3 Services

Reiki Bliss Session - 1 hour

Energy Healing Reiki Spiritual Healing
$100 Per session

Blissful hour of gentle energetic release & mind/body/spirit alignment. Experience the amazing loving energy through your body/mind & soul. Dissolving old patterns & negative thinking, to bring you more awareness & alignment with your truth.

Reiki Treatment & Energetic Boundary

1hr 30min
$140 Per session

1.5 hrs Reiki and installing your unique energetic boundary!

Business Hours

We're open 6 days.














  • NLP Practitioner
  • Space Clearing Practitioner
  • Access Bars Practitioner
  • Access Bars Practitioner (BP)
  • EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • ThetaHealer
  • Certified Advanced Chakra Healer
  • Certified Energetic Space Clearing Practitioner
  • Access Consciousness (Foundation & Level 1)
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Usui Reiki Level 5

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