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Reiki Australia

Reiki Australia

Reiki Australia practitioners are your respectful and trusted partners when it comes to your holistic health and wellness. You can be confident that a Reiki Australia practitioner will provide you with the highest level of ethical and professional care. To learn more, contact Reiki Australia by phone or email.

Professional Organisation for Reiki Healers

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Brisbane, Queensland

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Parenting Advocacy Business Vision Joy Healing art

About Reiki Australia

Reiki Australis is a forward-looking, not-for-profit membership association, dedicated to promoting and accepting the diversity of all modern Reiki practices derived from Mikao Usui's teachings. 

Dedicated to raising the profile of Reiki as a healing art and spiritual practice, Reiki Australia raises the bar for Reiki treatments across the country.

As an all-inclusive organisation, Reiki Australia is run by members for members, which means they know what matters to you.

It also means that they are able to help you in any way.

Raising the Bar for Reiki Practice

Every member in Reiki Australia's Practitioner category and above is committed to raising the bar on the quality of Reiki treatment practice.

Practitioner members are each bound by a Code of Ethics, have current Insurance and First Aid certificates and have a demonstrated lineage going back to Mikao Usui.

For Reiki Master Teachers, insurance is required if they fall in a combined Practitioner category, in which case, the requirements are the same. 

In addition, professional practitioner members must earn a certain number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points each year. 

Reiki Australia's Professional Development for Reiki Treatment course is mandatory for accredited members.

With Reiki Australia, members will have access to the resources needed to stay up-to-date with the very latest industry best practices.

By setting such high standards for themselves and their members, they create a sense of professionalism, pride, and confidence in their abilities as a partner in the healthcare environment or in broader society.

Mission, Vision and Values

Reiki Australia Mission

To be a trusted resource for the personal, professional and community expression of well-being through Reiki, embracing students, masters, teachers and treatment practitioners.

Reiki Australia Vision

As Australia's leading ethical, professional membership association, Reiki Australia is committed to: 

  • Maintain an authentic influence in promoting well-being through Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art
  • Accept members from a diversity of practices that originate from the teachings of Mikao Usui
  • Support wellness and self-care

The organisation is dedicated to:

  • Follow Reiki principles in the personal and teaching practice of Reiki
  • Accept Reiki within the community and healthcare environment
  • Improve health outcomes for individuals, families and communities
  • Apply education and proficiency in Reiki treatment practice
Reiki Australia Values
  • Compassion
    • Mission and vision accomplished with compassion.
  • Co-operation
    • Creating an environment that encourages acceptance, peer support, and trust
    • Communicating openly
    • Understanding the needs of all stakeholders
    • Cohesive teamwork
    • Exchanging skills and knowledge
  • Honour
    • Honouring Reiki as a healing art, spiritual practice, and lifestyle
    • Honouring the legacy of the oral tradition
    • Honouring the Reiki principles in the spirit of Mikao Usui
    • Honouring the relationship between master and student
  • Inclusiveness
    • Embracing Reiki's rich diversity originating from Mikao Usui
    • Reiki practitioners of all branches are welcome
  • Integrity
    • A life of integrity
  • Professionalism
    • Embodying excellence as a standard
    • Staying up-to-date on current trends
  • Respect
    • Recognising the evolution of Reiki
    • Respecting the diversity of Reiki lineages and practices
For more information about Reiki Australia or Reiki, please contact the organisation today!

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