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Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage 

Post  liposuction / surgical - mobile to you for home visits

MLD is a very light, gentle pressure technique designed to improve protein re-absorption and to stimulate the lymphatic system = an important technique for moving lymph fluid out of congested / swollen areas into a place where the lymphatic system is working normally.

Benefits of MLD    There are numerous powerful effects on the body including:-

Improving microcirculation - helps decrease swelling, enhance recovery of damaged tissues, decrease congestion, and facilitate or even reroute drainage where the flow of lymph fluid may be impeded

Supporting the body’s immune system

Assisting the body’s detoxification process

Has a relaxing effect on the nervous system

Treatments are personalized based on many factors including:-   The length, condition and location of surgical scars, the amount and position of any fibrotic (hard) areas, the condition of the skin, the number and location of removed or damaged lymph nodes and the extent of any cancer treatment each individual received is taken into account to determine the most efficient route for directing the lymph fluid

Some Reasons to have MLD include:-

To clear and stimulate your lymphatic system

Lymphoedema, Lipodema

Fluid retention

Chronic pain



Pre and post surgery /cancer / liposuction / body sculpting

Constipation and digestive disorders

As a preventative technique

So if you are feeling a little run down, out of sorts, have re-occurring pain or illness gives us a call


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