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Relax Yoga

Relax Yoga

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An intimate, warm and loving space where Seniors, Adults, Mums, Kids and Families Together experience true relaxation through Yoga and Mediation.

Relax Yoga

Servicing area

Aspley, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, McDowall, Stafford Heights, Kedron QLD

Focus areas

Teenagers Social skills Flexibility Adults Love Self awareness

We took this old room, battered and bruised, Filled with the scars of how its been used, We stripped back the layers from the walls and the floors, We smoothed over the bumps and we filled open pores. Now bright and shiny our studio stands, Beaming with love that we gave with our hands. Its ready for fun, its ready to heal, Its ready for YOU now, how ever you feel. Perhaps you need a good stretch? Perhaps you want to get strong? Perhaps you just need a place where you feel you belong? Come in for some Yoga! Exclusions are none. Our studio is open and we all work here – as one.

Yoga Classes

Specialist Classes

In addition to regular Adult Yoga classes, we run 6 week courses for Adult Beginners, Pre-Natal Yoga and Mums & Bubs Yoga and Mums & Tots Yoga. We also run regular term time Kids Yoga classes and workshops over the school holidays for Kids, Families and Teenagers. Catering to people of all skill levels, we offer a safe and friendly environment for every member of our extended family.

Adults Yoga

At Relax Yoga, we believe yoga is something that every body should be able to do. Therefore our adult yoga classes are accessible to all ages and physical capabilities.

Kids Yoga

Each week we meet and begin with activities to help us get to know each other, to bond as a group and work as a team. We explore our thoughts and our feelings and learn about the connection between our mind, body and spirit.

Yoga in Kindies & Schools

Build a culture of love, respect and compassion at your school, kindergarten or day-care center. Give your students the gift of yoga. Through yoga we have the opportunity to teach self awareness and social skills using a forum where children don’t just see and hear instructions, they feel them.

Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre-Natal Yoga is a wonderful way for pregnant women to connect with the changes occurring in their bodies and prepare them for the birthing experience.

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes are designed to help you rebalance your body after pregnancy, regain strength and flexibility and to deepen the existing bond you have with your baby in a relaxing environment.

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