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Our life is taught with great sympathy & love and this therapy has affected our lives positively that we want to express it with others.

Newtowns Leading Colonic Therapists, Nutritionists, Naturopath & Coach

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Founder & Senior Colon Therapist

Leanne began her career as an embalmer/mortician researching the human body, illness and death, and learned during this period that many people died prematurely. It prompted Leanne to research her own habits and conclude that her best health did not work. Leanne has severe migraine conditions, a weak immune system, ear and throat disorders, and chronic constipation.

At that point, Leanne stayed in New York City and was welcomed to the colonics by a friend. She began implementing the concept of fruit and new produce juicing in her daily diet, complimenting her routine colon treatments. After 2 years of changing the lifestyle, her health and well-being underwent dramatically. This way of living helped her develop a physical and emotional awareness that motivated Leanne to become a licensed Colon Hydro Therapist.

Leanne decided she wanted to pursue the best version of herself. Since having a passion for detox and colonics she settled on the ‘Woods Gravity Method of Colonic Irrigation”. Leanne founded her second wellness centre in Erskineville, Sydney. The emphasis on the release is a natural medicine, diet, nutrition, and healing value. 


Colon Therapist

Ella's enthusiasm for holistic health and healing has driven her into being a Colon Therapist. She has learned that she hungers for awareness in all fields of well-being, especially gut health, holistic eating, and cleaning. Mentally and physically, she faced problems that caused her to re-evaluate her life. 

Ella is keen to help others discover that her health is their strongest tool and most valuable investment.

Heidi Jane

Intuitive, Eating & Nutrition Coach, Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist 

Heidi is an Intuitive Expert, a Food Psychology Coach, a sustainable Nutrition Coach, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist who operates in private practice and as an association-approved instructor for clients and students during the past 20 years. She is eager to support her clients through their own unique story, works out of the box and has a deep understanding of reaching it. 


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