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ReNew Yourself

Karen Mudie

Ormeau QLD 4208

Servicing area: Ormeau & Surrounding Suburbs, Queensland,

ReNew Yourself

Holistic Coaching

The holistic coaching Karen offers is a gentle process of deepening self-awareness, healing emotional wounds and uncovering greater self-acceptance and love. This approach is built upon her training in Health Education, Reiki Mastery, Human Development, Meditation, Whole Food Medicine and Wellness Coaching.

Incorporating these complimentary fields offers a practical and powerful method designed to help clients identify and pursue changes they would like to make in their lives, while creating a foundational state of holistic wellbeing.


    • Release and heal old emotional wounds and traumas
    • Overcome stress, anxiety and negativity
    • Attain new levels of awareness
    • Create new habits and life changing skills
    • Feel more engaged, energized and excited
    • Increase positive thinking and positive emotions
    • Expand ability to give and receive love
    • Improve quality and intimacy of relationships
    • Improve health, diet and lifestyle
    • Gain confidence, self-esteem and ultimately self-love
    • Deepen understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection

Karen helps clients through life challenges and transitions who are struggling with health issues, depression, anxiety and other emotional and spiritual challenges. She guides her clients to get back in touch with their own innate inner wisdom and healing capabilities through a blend of uniquely guided coaching and energy healing work.

She understands the language of the body as well as spirit, and can connect you to your higher self, guides and energetic field to help you understand a higher perspective of practical everyday living.

Karen also helps clients to achieve goals in life working with Universal Laws, spiritual practice, and methods of manifestation and awareness.

Clients choose to work with Karen over a duration of either 3, 6 or 12months understanding that change takes time and commitment, and you taking this next step is a big YES to stepping up and making a difference in your life, your health and relationships.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Education), University of Canberra
Diploma Therapeutic Massage, ACT college of Natural Therapies
Certificate Pregnancy Massage, Nature Care College
Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Certificate ~ Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balance
Meditation & Spiritual Development
Anti-Ageing & Wellness Educator
Anti-Ageing & Wellness ~ Business Development Officer

Service Categories

Holistic Coaching