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Restorative Yoga

Sally Belmont

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is an eclectic Hatha Yoga style of which blends yoga poses (asanas) and breathwork (pranyama) to stretch, strengthen, open and release through the entire body. Attention and respect is given to each individual students’ physicality, mental state and emotional needs.

Restorative Yoga

Yoga Therapeutics with Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga encourages us to linger longer and savour the sweetness of our practice. Often referred to as ‘active relaxation’ the practice of restorative yoga facilitates deep relaxation which restores and renews.

Sally Belmont’s therapeutic private sessions create a caring supportive environment for the student to awaken to deep restorative relaxation and healing. Each session is crafted around helping the student gently open her body, bring awareness to the breath, connect mind and body and experience deep relaxation in order to facilitate healing.

Restorative Yoga is an eclectic style of Hatha Yoga

Restorative yoga is an eclectic hatha yoga style of which blends yoga poses (asanas) and breathwork (pranyama) to stretch, strengthen, open and release through the entire body. Attention and respect is given to each individual students’ physicality, mental state and emotional needs.

Making generous use of props to support the body, restorative yoga is especially effective for those suffering from chronic stress, fatigue or injury. Restorative yoga is for everyone. Each pose is tailored for each body and any injury.

By Appointment only :
One-to-One Private Sessions in yoga,deep relaxation and meditation for holistic health and wellbeing.
Introduction Private One-to-One Beginner Courses and Private One-to-One Beginner Sessions.
Restorative Health Retreat : COMO Shambhala Estate,Ubud, Bali.
Sacred Secrets Of Savasana Workshops : Sydney

Please contact Sally (+61) 409 017 020 for more information.

Sally Belmont

Sally is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Reiki II practitioner with close to 30 years experience in yoga, deep relaxation and meditation. In recent years, she has brought in knowledge and experience with aromatherapy, holistic health, spiritual healing and metaphysics to compliment her Reiki Energy Healing Sessions and Private Sessions.

Sally spent more than two decades in the UK and US where she gained her yoga teacher certification with Lex Gillan at the Yoga Institute, in Houston, Texas and her Reiki I and II initiations with Gigi Benanti at the Angelic Healing Touch Centre in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Sally has seen how Yoga and Reiki has relieved her chronic back problems, influenced her work as a designer, helped her raise three children and deal with challenging illnesses. She is passionate about bringing balance and harmony into the lives of others.

‘Life is a healing journey to find the True Self’


Sally’s Restorative Yoga is unique, and has just the right combination of traditional yoga poses and meditation to leave me feeling energised and relaxed. Sally has put a very personalised touch to her classes, and the weekly class compliments the other more aerobic training I do during the week beautifully. Thank you Sally!

Katie Ravich, Cammeray Sydney.
Mother and Music Teacher.

Yoga with Sally Belmont is a whole and healing experience. Her relaxation sequence is an excellent preparation for a class of stretches and poses that leave one invigorated and with ten fold energy.

Julie Gibbs, Elizabeth Bay Sydney.
Book Editor.

I have been attending Sally Belmont’s Restorative Yoga classes for two years now. I am in my fifties and chose Sally’s style of yoga instruction because I was seeking a discipline for stretching with extended periods of deep breathing and meditative relaxation. I have found the combined effect beneficial for body and Soul.

Hugo Galloway, Paddington Sydney.
Company Director.

I spent three years in Sally’s yoga classes and have also had private classes with her, which I highly recommend. Sally’s yoga is steeped with insight into the skills of the discipline, allowing the novice to grow both physically and spiritually. Her approach to wellbeing has changed the way I view health today.

Clarrissa Patterson, Northbridge Sydney.
Mother and Designer.

I had a great time doing yoga with Sally.It really helps you relax and helps with the hard stuff.
Aged 10.

Sally's classes were so good.I learnt how to do the whole Sun Series and how to breathe.

Aged 12.

Qualification Details

Yoga 200HR Teacher Training Certification
Yoga Therapeutics Training Certification
Reiki I and II Certification

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