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Servicing area: Northern Beaches, New South Wales

What happens in the consultation ?

Rob Stalbow Integrated Osteopathy - About The Treatment

The initial consultation is about listening to you describe why you have come in, and what might have caused the symptoms you have. That involves hearing about the history of your complaint, and drawing from your medical history, work conditions, exercise habits and nutrition. This part will last 20-30 mins, and leave the rest of the time for treatment, where appropriate.

What is treatment like?

Manual techniques are performed with respect for you and the state of your tissues,and whilst a small percentage of patients may react to treatment, utmost care is taken to ensure techniques are carried out in a careful, and measured manner:
  • Massage, stretch and release for tight muscles.
  • Joint articulation and manipulation to improve range and quality of movement.
  • Abdominal releasing techniques to the internal organs and their associated myofascial supports to influence their position and mobility. These techniques may help with the musculoskeletal tension that relates to breathing and digestive complaints.
  • Manual guiding techniques to encourage the body to decompress, and to support the head, neck and back in a better balance to one another.These techniques help you to recognise and rectify poor postural habits that may be contributing to your symptoms.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on your presentation. Some minor strains can respond very quickly whilst other more complex neuromuscular presentations will take longer. In clinic, we help you to understand why your symptoms have arisen, and provide you with tools to co-manage your improvement as clinical experience has shown that having control over these parameters leads to better outcomes. Longer term goals will involve:
  • Recognising the underlying causes of your complaint.
  • Strategies to prevent recurrence through exercise and rehabilitation.

  • What do I wear?

    It is best to wear shorts and a singlet/gym top. At times, in order to allow the osteopath to observe and work on different areas, it may be necessary to undress to underwear. Towels would then be used to ensure your comfort and modesty are maintained.


    If you are unsure how osteopathy might help you, please call Rob Stalbow directly on 0419 624 724 and we can discuss your individual needs.

    Initial Consultation
    1 hr - $120

    Standard Treatment
    45 mins - $95

    Alexander Technique Lesson
    30 mins - $50

    For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

    Qualification details

    • BSc (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine DO
    • BA (Hons) Applied Psychology
    • Alexander Technique teacher
    • Certificate in The Starrett System Movement and Mobility 101
    • Certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner (Applied chi kung for the internal organs)
    • Registered with NSW Osteopathic Registration Board
    • Member of Australian Osteopathic Association
    • Registered with Alexander Technique Education (ATE)

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