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Robyn Falkiner

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Servicing area: Worldwide - Face to Face, Phone, or Available via Skype

What Robyn's Clients Say

    “Robyn (Robbie) changed my life. Before I saw Robbie (via Skype) I had every symptom at the high end of Chronic Fatigue. After having tried a few methods, with little or short-term results, I found Robbie through Mickel Therapy. Robbie is such a warm, friendly person who makes you instantly feel at ease and comfortable with the challenges you will have to face. Mickel Therapy is not for the faint-hearted, there are challenging stages of the therapy, but Robbie guides you through it in a supportive manner, and waits until you are ready to confront it. With Mickel Therapy, it is vital to have a mentor that you can completely trust and feel comfortable with, and Robbie has these values to make everyone feel this way. Within less than three months I went from being at the high end of the scale of Chronic Fatigue, to non-existent symptoms. The tools you learn are skills that you will find valuable for life. Thanks so much for everything."

- TZ, New Zealand

    “The moment I answered Robbie's call for my first Mickel Therapy session with her I knew I had found the right person to help me. Warm, caring and gentle, Robbie immediately helped me to understand how I could be in control of my own health. I had previously had MT to help me go from a state of being housebound with CFS/ME to a state of returning to work and a normal life. When I contacted Robbie I hadn't had a session for a number of years, but after our first phone call I was reminded of the effectiveness of the therapy and saw instant results in the reduction of symptoms. I can't recommend Robbie or Mickel Therapy highly enough. In 11 years of CFS/ME, it is the only therapy that has been truly effective in clearing me of symptoms."

- K, Melbourne, 37.

    “When I first met Robyn Falkiner I had not heard of Mickel Therapy but now I would encourage anyone looking for help to go in with an open mind and the results will be rewarding.
    By her own admission Robyn uses the keys and exercises of Mickel Therapy in her own life and just to meet her, hear about her personal challenges and experience her warmth and positivity is encouraging in itself. I initially sought Robyn's help with my teenage son but after sitting in on a few sessions the potential for change really resonated with me and I decided to embrace Mickel Therapy for myself too.
    I am now about 3 months in and Robyn is giving me skills to empower myself and make changes in my life that I have longed for.
    I have a way to go but I have used the keys and exercises successfully in both my personal and professional life with a positive outcome.
    I highly recommend Robyn and Mickel Therapy to help you make life changes and to retrain your brain to cope better with stress, fatigue and illness. I feel healthier, stronger, more confident and best of all happier in my life."

- KW.

    “Once I was diagonised with chronic fatigue I had no idea what to do, I was completing year 12 and on top of that I was the co-captian of the school, to say the least I was overwhelmed, tired and frustated at everything. However all of this began to change once I started seeing Robbie and learning Mickel Therapy. Although at the start I was a bit “if-y” towards the treatment, I began to see the results. The keys and tools which I have learnt are invaluble to me as I still continue to use them to this day. If it wasn’t for Robbie and Mickel I don’t know how I would have finished my VCE and happily say that I am better and symptom free! Thank you!"

- Jassie, 18.

    “I had a few Mickel Therapy sessions with Robbie to help combat fatigue issues I’ve had for several years. I’ve been using the techniques, tuning into my true self, and changing my environment and have seen a huge improvement in my fatigue issues. As a bonus, it has also affected the depressive state I was in which is 99% gone now. The sessions have been extremely beneficial, thank you!"

- C H , 28, .

    “My chance introduction to MT was very timely and any initial concern was quickly replaced with the warmth and understanding and professional ability of my Therapist Robyn Falkiner. The extra yard when needed was given with grace and patience. My initial session left me with an unusual sense /feeling that it would all work out; and it surely, albeit slowly, is doing just that. To “hold the hand” so to speak was one of the keys for me. I thank Robbie Falkiner for this."

- JW.

You can learn more about Robbie's work through her Facebook page “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery”, Instagram Robbiefalkinertherapy or by contacting Robbie direct via email.

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