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Robyn Reynolds

Robyn Reynolds

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Cert IV Kinesiology, Grad Dip Education, Ba Eng / Ba Sci (Hons)

Robyn Reynolds

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Shepparton, VIC & Australia wide online

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Wellness Pain relief Lifestyle Nurturing Love Brain integration

Welcome to Robyn Reynolds


Robyn has always been interested in how things work. Her initial background in the sciences saw her completing a double degree in Electronic Engineering with Honours in Mathematics. After a career as a Biomedical Engineer and then Maths Teacher, Robyns interest in helping people with their unique individual development lead her to the study of Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is the study of muscles to detect imbalances in the bodys energy and to find what to do to correct the imbalance. To monitor muscles, the practitioner applies gentle pressure by hand to observe the muscle response.

Kinesiology can be used to treat physical, mental, and emotional problems. It is for anybody of any age for any health or wellness goal you can set for yourself.

Benefits include:
  • Self empowerment - be in control of your own healing and wellness
  • Activation of your bodys own healing capabilities
  • Pain relief from both physical and emotional pain
  • Enhanced focus and concentration using brain integration to alleviate learning difficulties
  • Uncovering past patterns and resetting them
  • Identification and the clearing of over-active defence systems
  • Reduced stress, improved posture, and more ease in life
  • Developing awareness of more positive and sustainable ways of living

In a session we will work together to identify and achieve your goals using safe non-invasive techniques according to what your muscle responses indicate. Balancing techniques can be a simple as rubbing reflex points on your body and holding acupressure points to strengthen the relevant muscle. Other balancing tools include flower essences, tissue salts, aromatherapy, diffusing limiting beliefs, brain integration and integration of developmental reflexes using rhythmic movements.

Robyn finds kinesiology to be the perfect bridge between her scientific knowledge and her passion for helping people in a way that works for them. Kinesiology meets you where you are at and allows you to direct your own healing.

I want to help people develop their own intuition in health and life. Call - 0439 353 419

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