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Rock Lily Natural Health Care

Margot Hardwick

Unit 2 / 1 Vuko Pl
Warriewood NSW 2102

Servicing area: Warriewood NSW

We work to liberate you from all types of pain and illness through alternative treatments.

Acupuncture, Massage, Kinesiology, Counselling, Iridology

Other Alternative Treatments

Rock Lily Natural Health Care offers alternative treatments that help balance the functions of the mind, body. and spirit. 

Our clients in Warriewood, NSW, and from elsewhere, come to us to relieve their pain and discomfort resulting from specific health conditions. 

You, too, can benefit from the following:


This age old medicine clears the energy pathways of the body so that it can function normally. It involves the insertion of fine needles into different points of the body to stimulate them and activate the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Massage Services

Getting a massage regularly allows the energy in your body to flow freely, while allowing muscular and soft tissue structures to heal through a variety of stroking techniques. We offer different types of massage, including aromatherapy, pregnancy, and remedial. 


This form of holistic treatment identifies any imbalances in the body to improve its performance. 


Our health disorders stem from unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Seeking the help of our professional counsellors is the first step to understanding and recognising what needs to be changed in your system in order to achieve a blissful life. 


The irises act as our bodies ‘early warning system’ and indicate tissue changes, inflammation and irritation happening in different parts of the body. Our Iridologists use this information to demonstrate one’s susceptibility towards certain illnesses, to reflect on past medical problems, or to predict health problems which may be developing. 

Iridology does not substitute for regular medicine testing such as blood tests, MRIs, X-rays, and the like. It is just another tool we use to assist in our treatment plan.

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