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Negative emotions will manifest in painful ways through your mind, body & spirit, no matter how hard you try to ignore them. Whether you like it or not, they have an impact on your life, and the only way to truly find peace and joy is to address them. Reiki, astrology & lomi lomi can all aid in the release of negative emotions.

Reiki, Intuitive Massage & Medium Readings

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Sacred Emotions is a healing sanctuary on Hope Island, Queensland, that focuses on reuniting you with your five bodies, namely your mind, body, spirit, emotions and ether, to bring you fulfilment in life.

Trish is well-versed in a range of therapeutic modalities, including emotional wellbeing, medium readings, massage and birth chart, and can help you achieve emotional wellness, which will lead to optimal health.

Emotional Wellbeing

Two things happen when we have a terrible experience (this includes, but is not limited to, trauma). First, our bodies create a cellular memory of the experience, imprinting it on the emotional body and initiating the physical effect. The cellular memory forms a storage in the form of an energy block within our body when the emotion associated with the experience is not acknowledged. Emotion is energy - or, to put it another way, emotion is Energy in Motion. Repeated emotion creates matter, and if the emotion is negative, matter will often manifest as a symptom (or symptoms), such as pain, illness, addiction, dysfunction, and so on.

The subconscious mind then forms a compensatory behaviour or identity. Our mind wants to protect us from experiencing terrible feelings from the past, so it generates a reaction or identity to mask the sensation. For millennia, we have been taught that we should only feel happy feelings. We've been told to push those feelings aside, distract ourselves from them or get over them. As a result, we become enslaved to the behaviour or identity, believing that we are the behaviour or identity.

There are numerous healing techniques accessible today, all of which differ primarily in how they are taught and practised. Reiki is about moving energy with pure purpose at Sacred Emotions. Because intention is also energy, it is critical to comprehend the ramifications of any intention. This model avoids using words like "healing" because "healing" is a power that comes from within. The Reiki paradigm helps you to comprehend how your five bodies are connected. It is entirely up to you to live a healthy lifestyle.


Our full-body relaxation massage will revitalise your mind, body and spirit. This is not a massage routine; it is a personalised massage for you. Depending on your needs, we may use hot stones, herbal tea, or other equipment or procedures. Taking advantage of the moon's energetic strength (a New Moon or Full Moon is an ideal opportunity) to treat yourself to a massage therapy session will ensure you get a treatment that works on an emotional level.

Tea, Massage & Reading Package

This package provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy a customised herbal tea (we strive for organic herbs, but this is not a guarantee) mixed for your constitutional needs or perhaps a brew of your own selection before your relaxation massage. Tea may aid in the alignment of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. While sipping your tea, you can listen to a mediumship reading. The reading could include the notes left in your tea cup after you've finished drinking it.

Medium Reading

We offer readings in a variety of formats; nevertheless, the message you receive will be exactly what you need. We offer readings in the following formats:

  • Oracle/Tarot Cards
  • Mediumship allows you to communicate with departed loved ones
  • Akashic Records - past life regression
  • Tea Leaf Reading

Birth Chart

We do Natal Birth Charts differently. We simplify your Natal Chart to the five planets that coincide with our five-body model, plus a placement of Chiron, which is an indication of our wellbeing.

​Contact or book a session with us if you are ready to eliminate unwanted symptoms!


4 Services

Overwhelm to Freedom Model

Wellness Coaching Energy Healing Online Wellness Coaching Online Tarot Reading Online Tarot Reading
$999 Per course

We are super excited to have updated our format and made our model more accessible. If you sign up for our Overwhelm to Freedom Model, we will walk beside you all the way through your journey as you learn both online and via one on one video call sessions

Emotional Wellbeing - Single Navigation Session

Wellness Coaching Energy Healing Online Wellness Coaching Online Tarot Reading Online Tarot Reading
$99 Per hour

Sometimes life feels like a heavy mist is swallowing us whole and all we need is a bit of friendly, understanding, guidance to help the mist begin to lift away. When we are immersed on the inside and tied up within the detail, life feels difficult.


  • Reiki Master
  • Life Coaching
  • Certified Transformational Life Coach

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