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Jane began studying Yoga as a Therapy for Individuals in 2002, and has since continued further studies with Dr N.Chandrasekaran of the Viniyoga Healing Foundation of India. Jane is currently completing her final year of Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy and is committed to the practice of Yoga for Healing & Health.

Sadhana School of Yoga

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Anxiety Emotions Dialogue Postnatal support Stress Management

Your Yoga Therapist has taught and trained internationally since 1997 in disciplines including Tai Massage, Tai Chi, Adjustment & Modification of Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Specific Needs, Yoga Therapy. In 2002 Jane founded Sadhana School of Yoga in Australia.

In 2004, Jane completed Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi. Jane has continued to this date with the refinement of these skills by assisting Donna in her workshops and courses (Deep Listening... Internal Respiration & Recuperation/ Centering... Moving from the Deep Navel Centre/ Containment and Contentment... Exploring the Inner World of the Organ Body/ Moving Outside the Square...Twists, Sidebends and Spirals/Turning your World Upside-Down...Preparing for Headstand & Shoulderstand/ Cohesion... Stability as a source of Equanimity/ Opening to Insight/ Spinal Integration - moving from within)

Group Classes

For the latest on our group classes & remedial classes, please email jane@sadhanayoga.com.au or check out our facebook page; Sadhana Yoga

Many people ask 'what kind of yoga do you teach?'...

It is Yoga. It is not a trademarked 'style', it is not the latest craze in fast moving sweaty mindless exercises, nor is it choreographed to music, nor do we use chanting, singing or sound just for the sake of creating a 'spiritual vibe'. What it IS, truly, is guidance by an experienced teacher who is responding to each person, each moment, guiding you to see what is already within you. Take that off the mat and in to life; here you are with yoga.

At this time, group classes are most commonly found to be pre-planned routines for ‘everybody’ by anybody. The names and styles now appearing are endless. We teach people; teaching and responding to the students in the room and drawing from experience, guiding students through choices so that they can know what is right for them.

With many years of teaching experience and specific training in teaching people with individual therapeutic needs, we offer classes to small groups. There is freedom within the small group for individualisation as required and as appropriate. Giving what is appropriate is viniyoga. We do not call our group classes ‘Viniyoga style’, because it is not a style. It is using Yoga they way it was always intended.

Giving what is appropriate is viniyoga
By an appropriate person,
To an appropriate person,
At an appropriate time,
In an appropriate manner.
It is not casual or routine.
Not by anybody to everybody.
Not anything and everything
It is unique, highly individualised and very specific.
You can only give what is inside you
This is the first lesson in viniyoga.

Yoga Therapy Sessions

During Individualised Yoga Therapy Sessions you will use specific Yogic tools to release tension, stress and pain within the body and mind so that you return to a state of balance. These tools are individualised to suit your needs, constitution and lifestyle.

It is common to seek the guidance of a qualified and experienced Yoga Therapist if you have physical, mental or emotional pain. This may be due to injury, disease or habitual muscular use brought about by stress and underlying movement patterns. It is also essential for your Yoga Therapist to address habitual breathing patterns which have resulted in decreased energy levels, underlying pain, anxiety and disease.

Using the methodology of traditional Yoga Therapy, individuals are guided to work in a clear simple way to relieve pain, increases mobility and strengthen the body and mind state, resulting in increased health, function, energy and mind state. In cases whereby pain is inevitable, you will be less consumed & overwhelmed by it, therefore having more choice in your life and future.

Through individualised Yoga Therapy sessions you will learn how to relax the body, mind and emotions. You will learn how to reconnect with natural movement and realign with your authentic self.

Your Individualised Yoga Therapy Session may include (but is not limited to)
  • Breath Awareness & Guidance
  • Actively moving into and out of Specifically Selected Yoga Postures
  • Restorative, Relaxing Yoga Postures & Visualisations
  • Clear, Honest, Supportive & Encouraging Dialogue
  • Prescribed Self-Practice for Optimising Health, Breath, Physical Alignment & Mental/Emotional Health & Dis-Ease Management or Prevention.
  • Practical Modifications To Suit Your Lifestyle, Encourage Self Awareness & Self Practice.

Individualised Yoga Therapy is an Interactive Course of Treatment, Rehabilitation, Enhancement and Maintenance. Outcomes are most effective when there is willingness by the individual to bring balance to life by making small, simple changes.

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