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Sakura Lounge & Spa

Street Level
8-10 Warburton La
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sakura Lounge & Spa
Whether it be one of our excusvely formulated Coffee & Chocolate Body Scrubs and Wraps, one of our new Luxury Babor Facials, a cusomised Soft pack SPA Facials or a cosmaceutical Doctor Babor Peel, you will be left glowing and your skin healthy and revived.

Sakura Lounge & Spa - Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

Come in and enjoy our high performance tailored beauty treatments at Sensu Spa. Devine, decadent, pampering, amazingly relaxing and of course nourishing and revitalising. These are the principles of Sensu Spa where we seek to provide you with exquisite beauty treatments based on the Japanese philosophy of “Inner Peace and Outer Glow”.

Babor Dr Babor 45 min VitC Peel

Great for skin brightening, this highly concentrated AHA peeling treatment is a perfect Synergy of intense exfoliation with fruit acids and effective protection through antioxidants. designed for all skin in need of regeneration

10% AHA + 10% Vit C = 100% skin renewal.

Spa Facial Treatment

Our Spa Facials is an amazing customised facial for your specific skin type with Hydrating, Anti-ageing and Brightening masques to choose from!

After your skin is exfoliated, cleansed and massaged with our premium botanical skincare products, you will enjoy the benefits of one of our tailored premium soft Algae Peel off masques chosen for your particular skin type.

Body Treatment – Coffee & Chocolate Detox

You will begin your 60 minute treatment with an exfoliation from our mixture of our natural coffee and spice body scrub, which will stimulate your skin and blast away dead cells which dull the skin’s surface as it hydrates, soothes and nourishes with natural vitamins, ground coffee beans, and potent antioxidants.  Our coffee scrub also helps to combat the occurrence of varicose veins typically by enhancing blood flow, and the caffeine in the scrubs may even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Body Treatment – Lemongrass

Your 60 minute decadent pampering will start with a complete body exfoliation and cleanse, with our Lemongrass body polish. A Lemongrass body wrap will then be applied to the body, and you will drift off in your hydration cocoon while you receive a deeply relaxing head massage.

Not for super sensitive skin (our sakura blossom and vanilla bean wraps are for you), our refreshing lemongrass body treatment is perfect for congested, sluggish ir devitalised skin.

Body Treatment – Vanilla, Honey & Cocoa

Your 60 minute decadent pampering will begin with a complete body cleanse and exfoliation, with our Vanilla Bean body polish. An organic Honey Vanilla & Cocoa wrap will then be applied to the body, and you will drift off in your hydration cocoon while you receive a deeply relaxing head massage.

Body Treatment – Sakura Blossom

With beautiful fresh floral botanicals, this dreamy body treatment is our warm season signature treatment. Our Sakura Blossom Body Wrap is rich in fruit extracts and exotic oils which brighten and nourish the skin while luxurious  French clay hydrates and tones the skin, leaving it silky smooth, soft and rejuvenated.

Other Beauty Therapy Treatments include

  • Spa Facial Anti-Ageing

  • Spa Facial Brightening VitC

  • Spa Facial Hydrating

  • Babor Premium Facial

  • Babor Signature Facial

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