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Do You Want To Jump Out Of Bed In The Morning Feeling Your Best, From The Inside Out? Have You Been Avoiding Treating Your Stress, Anxiety Or Depression?

Sally Benstead Naturopath - Iridology/Homeopathy/N.E.T. Neuro Emotional Technique/ E.B.T – Energy Ba


Looking into the Iris gives us an insight in to the way you use your energy in to digest your food, it tells us about your nervous system function, how your immune system reacts, and how well you absorb your vitamins and minerals in the body and how your body copes with maintenance and repair.

Iridology has been used for many centuries – it is said that in Egypt and China Iridology charts were discovered that were identical even though they were separated by much distance.

How will it help? It helps me to understand you a little better from an energetic perspective, it provides insight only in to physical and emotional health, it is not a diagnostic tool.


Homeopathy is a form of holistic medicine used to treat acute and chronic conditions. It is based on the principle of “like cures like’. For example we all know that onions cause our eyes to water. A patient might come in with watery eyes due to hayfever. One of the Homeopathic remedies I might prescribe is ‘Allium cepa’ – Onion. This may reduce the watery eyes.

Homeopathy is a safe way to treat babies and children but also successful in adults as well.

N.E.T. Neuro Emotional Technique

As we know, emotions can affect your whole health. By using Neuro Emotional Technique we can help you decrease stress by helping you identify and ‘let go’ of negative emotional patterns. N.E.T. is a safe, non invasive and natural way to resolve long term health issues that have an emotional component. It can also be used as a stress relief tool.

E.B.T – Energy Balancing Technique

Discovered by Dr Devi S. Nambudripad, it is a method that helps to balance energies in the body.

Using Dr Nambudripad’s Oriental medical theory, a food intolerance is seen to cause an energy imbalance in the energy meridians. This can subsequently cause a blockage in the meridian flow of energy, contributing to sensitivities and allergic reactions. When Energy Balancing Technique removes or clears the blockage in the meridian, that particular allergen has been shown to be remove adverse reactions with future contact.

This is a gentle non invasive treatment for all ages.

Call me today so that we can start your journey on the pathway to ‘wellbeing’.

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Do You Want To Jump Out Of Bed In The Morning Feeling Your Best, From The Inside Out? Have You Been Avoiding Treating Your Stress, Anxiety Or Depression? Are you the best version of your healthy self? Are you ready to do something about it?

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