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Samantha Corrie

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Find out how soul retrieval and other forms of spiritual healing can contribute to your health and wellbeing.

Shamanic Healing / Mentoring including Soul Retrieval

Servicing area

World wide, although based in Coogee NSW.

Focus areas

Distant healing Mentoring Boundaries Addiction Relaxation Nurturing

Spiritual Healing and Mentoring

Once upon a time, you knew all the answers to all the questions.

You knew how to heal  yourself.

You knew how to connect to the land, to the elements

to the spirit in everything.


in some time or another,

things got lost, confused, pained and hurt,

things got very very out of balance

you chose silence over the truth

you chose silence over the truth

and hiding your skills and talents was a way to protect yourself,

and the inner wisdom that once shone so brightly hid


far away.


In a shamanic healing, I help guide you back to your inner truth and souls wisdom, to the Earth, to the elements and your lost and fragmented soul parts and ultimately back to the exquisite realm of your heart.


Soul Retrieval

According to the Shamanic way of viewing the world, Soul Loss is a major spiritual illness that causes dis-ease.  It is healing the fragmented soul.. fragmented and lost because of trauma, illness, shock and or pain, and needing guidance, healing and tender care to return home.


This is my work,

the essence of what I love and am passionate about..

my healing techniques goes deep within.

to your cells

to your DNA

to your heart.


It reawakens deep vibration and sound and brings you back to that place within that is called HOME.


I would be honoured to hold space for you (especially women) as you re-weave your inner basket, befriend the dragon weed your inner landscape and overflow once again with your own true essence.


All healing sessions are offered face to face or via zoom / phone.


Book an appointment and start your journey back home.


  • Shamanic Practitioner.
  • Spiritual Healer

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