Samdae Herbal & Acupuncture Clinic

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74 Rawson st
Epping NSW 2121

Servicing area: Servicing Epping, Northern Suburbs, and Hills area

Arthritis Hay fever Headaches ...
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Acupuncture clinic specialising in the treatment of 'Infertility & IVF Support, Joint/Muscle pains, Anxiety, Stress, Tiredness, Migraines, Headaches, Allergy, Women's health, Digestive Disorders, Post-stroke Acupuncture Therapy, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis, Insomnia & Chronic Cough

Samdae Herbal & Acupuncture Clinic

'Traditional and holistic approach to medicine'

Samdae Herbal & Acupuncture Clinic provide the right acupuncture/Chinese herbalism therapy for you.

We specialise in the treatment of;
Fertility & IVF Support
Back/Shoulder/Knee pain & Other Joint/Muscle pains
Gynaecological Disorders (PMS, Pain)
Menopausal Support
Digestive Disorders (IBS, Gastritis, Acid reflux)
Allergy (Hay fever, Asthma, Allergic dermatitis)
Post-stroke Acupuncture Therapy
Anxiety, Stress & Tiredness
Migraines & Headaches
Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis,
Skin problems (Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis)
Insomnia & Chronic Cough

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Samdae Herbal & Acupuncture Clinic