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I am an enthusiastic and successful Naturopath with 25 years of experience in natural medicine. I use a number of sophisticated and accurate diagnostic tools and thrive on getting to the cause and solution of every health imbalance so that you can achieve optimum health.YOUR FAMILY NATUROPATH!


Servicing area

Hervey Bay

Focus areas

Pregnancy support Stress management Natural medicine Arthritis Pain relief Headaches

I use a sophisticated diagnostic system called Rydooraku (Organ function test): A Medical diagnostic system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine used to measure specific imbalances of organs/systems in the body.

 Allergy/Sensativity and vitamin/mineral testing based on Bio energetic medicine which measures a persons energetic reaction to a substance.

Herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and diet advice used for specific individual treatment plans.

Remedial massage and electro acupuncture used for pain relief, aches/pains, and to aid re balance of the body.

I treat varied conditions ranging from conditions such as:- Fertility and Pregnancy, Digestive problems, Women's health, Men's health, Children's health,Fatigue,Migraines/headaches, Allergies, Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies, Insomnia, Stress, Muscular/skeletal problems, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Cardiovascular health, Weight loss, Sports/Endurance.

Phone: 0415 963 353




Initial 1 hr Consultation: $95 includes Organ Function test  

Follow up 1/2 hr Consultation: $55 includes the Organ Function Test.

Allergy/Sensitivity test: $95

1/2 hr Remedial Massage: $55

45 min Remedial Massage: $65

1 hour Remedial Massage: $80

* A Remedial massage may involve electro acupuncture if required*


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