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Reiki is a highly effective holistic healing system that promotes your optimum health and wellbeing by restoring you to balance -physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki increases your energy levels and decreases your pain and tension. 

Distant Reiki

Focus areas

Burnout Relaxation Purpose Joy Circulation Headaches

Reiki helps restore you to a state of balance by unlocking your body’s natural healing abilities.

Distant Reiki enables you to be supported when we are physically separated from each other. We may be in different suburbs, states, or countries yet you can still be restored to balance. It’s just as effective as receiving Reiki in person.

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For more information on how Distant Reiki can help you please visit What Is Reiki And How Can It Help You?

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Sarah Najjar’s experience with Reiki

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Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing Reiki Spiritual Healing Energy Healing Online Spiritual Healing Online Reiki Online Energy Healing Reiki Spiritual Healing Energy Healing Reiki Spiritual Healing
$120 Per hour

Reiki is effective & safe to receive. It promotes your optimum health and wellbeing. Reiki increases your energy levels, promotes relaxation, balances you physically, mentally and emotionally & connects you deeply to yourself so holistic healing can begi


$120 Per hour

During your Shiatsu treatment finger and broad palm pressure is applied to different areas of your body along pathways known as meridians. Disruption to this flow of energy may produce pain and stiffness, hormonal, digestive, emotional and mental imbalanc


  • Reiki Master
  • Remedial Massage
  • Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies

Professional Membership

  • Australian Reiki Connection (ARC)
  • Massage & Myotherapy Australia

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