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11 STATION St Naremburn NSW 2065

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Profoundly relaxing and so good for the whole body! -Japanese Cosmo Lifting (Natural Face Lift) Facial Reflexology Foot Reflexology IonCleanse Detox footbath Ear Candling Reconnective Healing Juice Plus Wholefood Nutrition

Facial and Foot Reflexology Specialist

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Frozen shoulder Fitness Facial Sinus Nervous system Stress management

About Us

Hi I'm Jill Freestone. I am a qualified Reflexologist, completing my diploma in Refloxology in 1999 at Nature Care College, Sydney. Since then I have completed numerous courses and diplomas to broaden my knowledge, including a diploma of Facial Reflexology. I look forward to helping you with your specific needs to achieve lasting results.

Foot Reflexology

The ancient practice of reflexology is one of the most powerful, non-invasive health treatments available today. Reflexology works by applying pressure to specific areas of the feet (or hands) which relate to each and every part of the body through a system of energy pathways.

If you want to feel less stressed, more relaxed and totally revitalized, Reflexology may be the answer - as with Facial reflexology, it is deeply relaxing as well as treating the full body. So take your shoes and socks/stockings off, enjoy a pampering footbath infused with essential oils. Then lie back, relax and enjoy the treatment.

30 minute session (if you don't have much time to spare - no footbath)
1 hour session with footbath for total relaxation

1 hour $120

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is a fairly new complementary therapy to Australia. It combines LOOKING GOOD with FEELING GOOD through a unique marriage of three ancient techniques:
  • Vietnamese and Andean tribal body maps
  • Chinese energy meridians
  • Chinese acupuncture points
We start off the therapy working on thirty-five acupuncture points - important nerve pathways in the face - and vital blood circulation points which have three functions: a direct route to the nervous system, the circulation system and the Meridian system. Facial reflexology also gives a direct path to the brain through cranial nerves.

A typical session will last from 30 to 60 minutes comprises seven stages. During stage 2 firm slow stretching movements (actually feeling the deeper skin levels for signs of inflammation) are used. The physical benefits include better blood circulation, better nerve supply giving a feeling of relaxation which is reflected in the face and overall demeanor - facial reflexology is deeply relaxing.

1 hour $120


I gained my Diploma of Reflexology in 1999, and since then I have completed many additional courses including
    Japanese Cosmo Lifting - Diploma
    Facial Reflexology - Diploma
    Chinese Reflexology - Certificate
    Precision Reflexology - Certificate
    Colour/Light Reflexology - Certificate
    VRT (Vertical Reflex Therapy) - Certificate
    Auriculartherapy - Certificate
    Reconnective Healing. - Level III

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Professional Memberships

    RAA (Reflexology Association of Australia)
    RAA 2166


Jill Freestone has been my Reflexologist for the past 5 years.
The treatments are relaxing, painless and beneficial and I wouldn’t give my monthly treatments up for anything!
The care which Jill exhibits is not only confined to the health of the feet but also the many referral points in the body.
I first went to Jill for treatment to help a frozen shoulder and this helped tremendously. Also plantar fasciitis, sore neck, pains in the lower back were aided by this reflexology treatment.

Sandy 27-04-2012

"Having previously experienced reflexology on an occasional basis from time to time I have recommenced having regular reflexology with Jill to help with specific sleeping problems as well as assisting me with general relaxation and overall wellbeing. These regular reflexology sessions have helped me greatly and I would not hesitate in recommending Jill's approach and reflexology treatments to prospective patients".
Kind regards, Sue

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