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"QHHT therapy will help you to connect with your Higher Self and answer questions to help you understand your life purpose and to learn acceptance of your life changes and challenges."

Hypnotherapy (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

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Mandurah, Rockingham & Baldivis WA

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Muscle tension Nervous system Life path Aches & pains Hypnotherapist Love

What is Dolores Cannon - QHHT?

I am a Qualified Hypnotherapist, having completed Level 1 and Level 2 of the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), which was held in Perth in 2011. I have been practising since then in our B&B facility in the Perth Hills with great achievement and change in client's lives. I have now shifted to South Yunderup and have continued my sessions in a beautiful new venue. I have also received a certificate which has been approved by the Department of Education in Florida USA as an Authorised Practitioner of QHHT for professionalism. What is the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique? Let me explain below.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique uses regression to give you mental and physical healing and answers to any situation that you may have in your life. This is done by accessing your Higher Self – the part of you that knows everything. Some people call this their intuition or gut feeling.

How I Became an QHHT Hypnotherapist

I began my own personal spiritual journey by learning meditation in the early 1990s and then later teaching the process at TAFE.  People would come into my life with modalities and I would learn from them.  I read the tarot for a number of years at Psychic Fairs around the metropolitan area, and then I became a Reiki Master.   I was introduced to the teachings of soft and deep tissue massage by Christine Day (USA) and I began working from home. I later facilitated workshops and taught deep tissue massage for 2 years.  I was introduced to a Gong Master and singing bowl healer in Ocean Reef and did a course with her.  I worked with crystals and explored different modalities of energy healing and pranic healing. I was then guided to do an Akashic Records course and Regenerative Healing course and this led me to be introduced to Dolores Cannon’s workshops in 2011 in Perth, Western Australia.  I attained Level 1 and 2 of the Practitioner’s course and was amazed by the results in my own life and chose to develop it as a profession for my future life to help others as well.

At the time of completion of the course, my partner and I purchased a Bed and Breakfast facility in the Perth Hills, which I transformed into a Retreat, where I could use my spiritual gifts of Massage, Reiki and the hypnosis information provided by Dolores Cannon QHHT to the best of my ability.  I had been guided by my Higher Self since 1990 and found that this was a perfect way to develop the technique for clients who visited the Retreat.  Clients would book into the bed and breakfast for a weekend or more, and arrange appointments with me for modalities of healing they required.  I knew they were being guided to me and I would channel information which would come to me during their time with us.

After the course in 2011, I decided to continue the growth in my own business and did manage to remain in contact with a couple of Practitioners to swap sessions to help our growth and learning.  From my early years, I was in search of knowledge.  I could not find the knowledge from the church, which could not explain “why” to many questions I wanted answered, and this is why I was ultimately led to Dolores.  The thirst for knowledge was very deep within me, as it was in her, and it took me down many paths of spiritual growth and learning. 

My first hypnosis which was performed by a Practitioner, led me to some of my Native American past lives and the Higher Self came through very easily. I had past lives as Mayan and Aztec Indians as a Sharman and they were very interesting. The reason these were presented to me was to overcome my self-worth issues in those lifetimes and also forgiveness of punishment I received as a result of speaking my truth.  I had learned to not speak my truth since then, as I had suffered so much in the past.  I learned that my two main lessons in this lifetime were speaking my truth and detachment.  I also had a QHHT session performed where my fragmented aspects were brought together and this helped me greatly to find wholeness.  I was amazed at the wisdom which came through and it explained many aspects of my life which I did not know on a 3D dimensional plane.  I became aware that my spirit travelled nightly and was involved in a Council of Six in the higher dimensions.  This Council made decisions regarding the evolution of planet earth, although I never remembered anything when I landed back in my bed in the morning.  This information of what I did in my sleep time was very beneficial to me, as it made me aware of how much I was working on other levels and dimensions at night and to allow rest in my daytime hours.

My first experience as a Dolores Cannon Practitioner, was amazing.  Dolores took me to a place with no worries and no problems and this is the experience she gave her clients in their sessions.  Over the 9 years of practice, I have had many different client issues and I have learned well. What did I learn from the experience?  I learned not to expect anything when they come in the door, as every session was different and not to judge any outcome.  I learned to accept what happens and to invite the Ascended Masters and archangels into the session with the permission, of course, of the client.  I learned patience and tolerance to wait and to listen to the help that was given to me from the Masters.  Sometimes the clients would see the spiritual entourage that came into our sessions and even though I couldn’t see them, I trusted in the process as the clients would leave feeling wonderful all over.  Some would just feel “tingling” over their bodies when I asked the Masters to do a body scan.  Some would laugh and you would see an instant change of vibration in them.  Some would have an “AHA” moment when realisation of their higher self would come into their reality and joy would fill them.  Sometimes, nothing happened that they were aware of, but they would have received healing in some way, and I would give them a CD with the recorded visit, and they would learn from the experience to find the answers in their lives. 

I found with clients who had developed a “Dis-ease” that they were not balanced in their daily lives and their spirit would have to stop them from their fast pace to give them time to heal their bodies. Most times an accident or a disease is created to give the spirit time to heal them, and try to change the negative belief system that they have created such as “Life is Hard Work”,   Unfortunately we seem to be programmed to learn through pain, and this is what is created in their lives, however if we only realized and listened to our spirit, the change could be made without pain and suffering.   

It all has to do with wanting control, and we always want to do it “our” way.  Sometimes, we have to be at our lowest ebb, before we realize that there is another way and to look toward our divine spirit to guide us.  So many clients brought through from their higher selves, that “They were not listening”, and therefore continued to create dramas in their lives.  Also, boredom is a reason for people to create drama, and you can watch the children and see this behaviour also.  One of my clients asked me “How do you live a life without drama?”  Well, it is simple, you learn to love yourself and to do that, you don’t want to hurt yourself either!  If we could only open our hearts and accept what is and not judge ourselves and others, we would all be living happier lives in our process.  If we only realized that we are all one and to love ourselves unconditionally and be grateful for everything that comes into our lives and goes out of our lives with acceptance of the lessons learned. I know my life has been enriched by Dolores' process and so do countless other people who have grown spiritually from her wisdom and knowledge.  I now am able to receive my own wisdom and knowledge in my life and it is truly amazing. To help others reach their full potential in this life-time is my passion.

Past Life Regression Method

Under hypnosis, your Higher Self will show you blockages in your current life or past lives to give you analogies and messages for your current life. These will help you understand the conflicts, challenges, problems, discomforts and your karma in this lifetime. It will also answer your questions and help you learn the lessons to move forward. We keep having the same situations and challenges presented to us, until we learn how to deal with them in a way that is for our highest good.

After the past lives or current life has been viewed, I will speak to your Higher Self directly. This is when the healing is done and you get answers to your questions. The Higher Self usually speaks in the third person “he needs to change his diet”; “she needs to listen”. Before the session, I will ask you to prepare questions, which you require answers for, and under hypnosis I will ask the Higher Self for guidance and healing and answers to your questions.

Questions may be “What is my purpose in this lifetime?”, “How can I heal my condition?”, “Why am I having trouble in my relationship and what I need to do about it?”.

Results Obtained

Sometimes emotional healing will be produced and different sensations in the body, such as tingling and rushing of energy through fingers and toes. I will ask your Higher Self to do a body scan, and heal any parts which are out of balance and natural flow in your life. Sometimes you will be asked to do things to benefit your own healing and your Higher Self will be unable to complete the healing without this help from you in your life. This is guidance which needs to be followed for healing to occur. Such as, leaving a toxic relationship or letting go of loved ones or guilt. Fear always holds us back from moving forward, when we usually know this is the way to go. We need to develop trust and faith in the process to move on and know that we are safe, loved and protected.

The clients I have worked with in hypnosis have reported more positivity in their lives and increased general health and well-being. They have developed the courage to let go and move on to a new career/job, relationship or dream which has created more happiness and abundance in their lives.

A Safe and Gentle Procedure

The Dolores Cannon training is a safe and gentle way of working in your life.

The Higher Self is very much a different part of "YOU". It knows everything about you and what you have come into this life to achieve and to reach your highest potential. It knows what is best for you and your life. It is generally very loving and compassionate and has your best interests at heart, and will only tell you what you need to know and what you can handle at any given time. It will not give you more than you can handle at any one time and will only release repressed memories when you are ready to receive them. Our conscious minds try to make sense of things, and analyse content to put them in the right order to make it fit our understanding or limitations. The conscious mind knows nothing really. The Higher Self not only understands, but knows what's best for your soul. The Higher Self has no limitations, all of the answers and instant healing - providing you are willing to let go of the controlling conscious mind and go on the journey with me.

We don't like to hear it, but we are the ones who make ourselves sick. We cause the symptoms, discomfort, pain, un-wellness and disease in our bodies by not listening to our Higher Self. The Higher Self always tries to tell us things through symptoms in the body. When we don't listen, it keeps on trying to get the message through by increasing the frequency and intensity of the symptoms. And when we still “don’t get it”, it hits us like a ton of bricks! This may be a major event in our life, like a car accident, major illness or some sort of life changing experience. Just as we create our own illnesses and discomfort, we can heal ourselves too.

I understand that the thought that we, as human beings, can instantly heal ourselves might seem a little far-fetched. But, that's the limitation of the conscious mind. The thought that only a doctor can fix us when we are sick, is the conditioning we were raised with. We are all natural healers. We know how to heal ourselves. If you were to cut yourself, your skin will heal. When we get a cold, our bodies work to get rid of the infection. If you were to break a bone, the bone mends itself. So it really isn't too far-fetched to take it one more step and facilitate instant healing.

By using QHHT, we can have direct communication with our Higher Self, have instant healing and answers to the questions you have about your life. From making birth marks vanish, to rebuilding cartilage, building your immune system to expelling cancer, answers about toxic relationships with people, to reasons for major events in your life. You are capable of healing anything and answering every question that you have. Your Higher Self is the part of you that wants the best for you. All you have to do is to let it talk and listen to what it says.

Recording of Your Session

Your hypnosis session is recorded and a DVD is provided for you, so you can hear the answers from your Higher Self and the help received in the session for healing your life.

Session Fee

The sessions average 2-3 hours for a fee of $90.00 per hour.

What Other Problems Can Be Helped by Hypnotherapy

  • Anxiety
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Blushing
  • Nail Biting
  • Stress
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Poor Concentration
  • Procrastination
  • Exam Nerves
  • Insomnia Fears & Phobias
  • Pain Management
  • Depression
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Focusing
  • Panic Attacks
  • Coping with Cancer and other Illness
  • Stages of Menopause
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • Negative Emotions
  • and much, much more!

If you wish to experience any of the above modalities, please make an appointment with me. Looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and helping you to reach the degree of happiness, abundance and joy in your life, which is your natural birthright.


“Marilyn is an excellent Hypnotherapist. My session with her was very effective and to the point of the problem. I quickly gained insight into my issue and was relieved of it immediately. I found the experience to be extremely beneficial, it was a matter of spending an hour and a half working with Marilyn and she guided me to let go of the issue that had been holding me back in my life. The change has been very beneficial and it has also been permanent”.
- Melanie Stallman

“My hypnotherapy session with Marilyn helped me to connect with one of my spirit guides, and although I am often not aware of her presence when times are tough, or I am confronted with a difficult decision about my relationships (especially with family), she is there to provide a clear view. This helps me with my decisions. I am also finding it easier to let stuff go instead of ruminating over it, and beating myself up for what I did or didn’t do. My guide helps me to accept that my actions or words have come from a place of love and so will be received as such. This has helped me so much in my life”.
- Helen Moore

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