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Akashic Records Readings

Your Soul has a Story Waiting to be discovered.

Do you feel like you are living in the same situations over and over again? You feel like you are stuck in an endless loop of bad relationships, health problems and negative situation? This can be especially frustrating if you are a spiritually aware person who recognizes that you are creating it all, but you don’t know why or how.

During your Akashic Records Reading (Soul Re-Alignment) a lot of the why and how will be revealed.

Your Soul has been on a journey and has accumulated a lot of baggage along the way in this life and others.  The winding road of life can often lead us to forget who we are and why we came. Living in this stat can leave you feeling lost, misunderstood or even disconnected from yourself and others.

Soul Re-alignment can be a profoundly healing process as you re-discover who you are, where you have come from and why you came in the first place.

Akashic Record readings are suitable for both adults and children and can cover all aspects of your life including relationships, finance, direction, career, health and spirituality. Each reading will be focused on what the major block, restrictions and soul blue print distortions are active for you at the time of the reading.

A Soul Re-Alignment reading for a child gives parents the opportunity to guide their child in alignment with who they are at soul level as opposed to the parents or society thinks the child should be.

Discover the Transformative Experience of Soul Level Healing and start living you divinity in everyday life

What’s Included in Your Soul Realignment/Akashic Records Reading:

We are a spiritual multi-cultural learning experience here on planet Earth. Every Soul has a point of origin, either here on planet earth or some where in the Cosmos. Every Soul has their unique vibration, personality and gifts and talents. By unlocking the secrets of your gifts and talents you will discover your unique method of manifesting your best life and purpose.

During your 60 minute Zoom Consultation wherein you will discover:
  • The Energetic Qualities of your Soul
  • The Origins of your Soul
  • How to become more aligned with your Divine nature and manifest abundance in your life
  • Your Soul’s vibration rate
  • How well you are connected to your Higher Self
  • If any earthbound spirits or negative entities are attached to you and draining your energy
  • The blocks and restrictions that are having an impact on your life
  • Unhealthy Soul Contracts
  • Choices you have made that affect your life now
  • How many Spirit Guides you have working with you
  • Practical steps to re-align your Soul Blueprint

Before and After your consultation I access your Akashic Records so that I can take the necessary steps to clear and re-align your Soul Blue Print. There will also be steps you will need to take to do your part.

Other Possible Akashic Records Readings:

  • Property Re-Alignment

    We are drawn to places that resonate energies similar to our own. As we clear our stuff, and evolve often our home or land will no longer feel right for us.  It cheaper and more practical to “realign” your home and land to match your highest good. I will email you a report after assessing and clearing your property of things like portalways, Leylines, negative thought forms, earthbound souls, and misaligned land assignments (battleground, sacred site, etc.)

    Clearing away these energies will be like a breath of fresh air in your living space. A property Re-Alignment can be done for any property for which you have financial responsibility – both ownership and rental

  • Business Reading

    Everything has consciousness and your Business is similar.  It was your creation and it was designed to achieve specific goals.  As such this kind of reading can be similar to a Soul-Realignment reading or Property Reading in that you will discover what blocks and restrictions are limiting your business ventures full expression

  • Chakra and Energy Systems Analysis

    This is a deeper analysis of the specific energy systems that support your existence here in the physical.

  • Life Lessons/Intentions Reading

    This reading helps you remember why you are in your current incarnation.  What you were intending to experience.  What were your primary goals for this life and more importantly how close are you to achieving these goals.

  • Relationship Reading

    Discover why you are in relationship with a particular person. What are your individual strengths and weakness and how you either compliment or detract from each other.  Also what it was they you both hoped to experience and grow with each other.

    If you are interested in any of these Akashic Records Readings please contact Shamarie. Please be aware that a Soul Re-Alignment Reading is a pre-requisite before Shamarie will consider any of these additional readings.  You are the primary creator in your world, change you first and then it becomes easier to bring everything else into alignment with your intentions.

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