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SHINE Birth - Matrescence Coaching


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Shine Birth is all about you! To feel Supported, Honoured, Informed, Nurtured & Empowered along the winding road of your motherhood WILL be the difference between you 'owning' your experience or losing your sense of autonomy. Building this relationship with Louise, to explore deeply what serves you in your most aligned and reverent way, you can gain strength and agency over your choices for pregnancy care, birth choices and postpartum pleasure. As a result, your Matrescence can be a true presentation of self as Mother.

SHINE Birth - Matrescence Coach

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I am Louise, the founder of Shine Birth.

As a Registered Midwife with over 17 years of experience, I’ve had the pleasure of working with women birthing in hospital and at home.

My role as your Matrescence Coach is to help you reflect, resolve and move into motherhood feeling fully consolidated, positive and uninhibited – and therefore able to engage fully with the experience.

Shine Birth aims to fill an ever-present gap I see in my work as a Midwife. Finding a way to have pleasure in mothering starts well before the birth. In doing this work early, you may find you’re able to surrender more fully into the birthing experience and into the significant transformation that is motherhood.

I am so passionate about the experience one has during this time of profound transition in life, and it is my greatest privilege to sit with you to help facilitate navigating that which is most important to you. I have a warm, approachable nature and will listen intently without judgement, support your choices and be present to your needs.

Shine Birth is all about you!



Shine Birth is a support system that makes space for that which matters most to you personally through this transition. Learning your story is how I help you navigate your unique path to motherhood.


Honouring your needs is respecting your mind, body and soul. Shine birth aims to prioritise your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in the experience. This means respecting your limits, boundaries and acknowledging your capabilities. Birth is worthy of honour and reverence.


Rather than to inform, I wish for you to be informed. I’m guided by you and what you need, to unblock any areas of doubt or confusion that might be standing in the way. Being informed is the only way you can properly consent and own your experience.


Through listening to your needs, I can work together with you to put you in greater touch with yourself, so you can remain engaged with the whole experience – no matter how it transpires.


When we understand and trust our physiology, individuality and voices, we gain power and agency. All women deserve to go through pregnancy, birth and postpartum feeling empowered, so they can emerge from each phase feeling physically and emotionally safe.


3 Services

Matrescence Coaching

Spiritual Healing Women's Health Life Alignment Wellness Coaching
$250 Per session

Coaching will: - Unravel concerns and false beliefs that are getting in the way of you feeling calm, positive or connected to your baby, body or experience - Strengthen your mind and self-worth to feel emotionally more prepared - Identify and establish yo

Birth Debrief

1hr 30min
Spiritual Healing Women's Health Mindfulness Life Alignment
$180 Per session

You may wish to request your birth notes to review during the session. Here you can share about your experience, feel safe and heard around what birthing your baby was like. How it left you feeling as a woman, as a mother, in your relationships, towards y

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  • Registered Midwife
  • Registered Midwife: RM

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  • Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia

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