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Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic

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With over 11,000 Clnical hours of successful experience, we are leading the Shire via Hypnotherapy and mind health and YOGA. Medically endorsed, Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic Specialises in Anxiety, Panic, PTSD, Quit Smoking, Weight Release and all Phobias.

Critical Mind and Behaviour Health for Children and Adults; you wouldnt risk your most precious mind with anyone else.

Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is Professional and Confidential.

Multi-Award Winning Service.

Your Success is our Success. We graciously serve you.



Established in 2010, Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hollie-Berri, has the knowledge and skills to enable you to transform your life. If you are genuinely ready for change, Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is ready to enable and empower you.

Programs On Offer

Our most popular hypnotherapy programmes available include:

    • Weight-loss
    • Quit Smoking
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Addictions; sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gambling, drugs
    • Quit smoking
    • Narcissist Victims
    • Child Angst
    • Tolileting
    • Eating and stress disorders.

The simple organic techniques Hollie-Berri applies are advanced and specifically scripted for each patient. So why not just give us a call and make an appointment at our Specialised Clinic, or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to contact us instantly.

Issues That Can Be Addressed


    • Academic performance
    • Acceptance
    • Addictions-sugar, junk food, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, technology, etc
    • Alcohol and Drugs
    • Anxiety and Anxious behaviour
    • Asthma
    • Bed Wetting / Toileting
    • Boundaries
    • Confidence and Self Esteem
    • Creative Arts / Blocks
    • Depression and Stress
    • Eating Patterns / Disorders
    • Emotional States
    • Fears and Phobias
    • Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy and Birthing
    • Gambling
    • Grief
    • Habits
    • Imaginary Friends
    • Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties
    • IBS-Bowel syndrome
    • Learning Difficulties
    • Life Mastery
    • Memory and Concentration
    • Medical Hypnosis
    • Motivation and Inspiration
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD
    • Pain Control and Pain Management
    • Panic Attack
    • Psoriasis, Eczema and Skin Conditions
    • Pubescent /Teen Issues
    • Public Speaking / Stage Fright
    • Regression / Past Life
    • Self Esteem and Confidence
    • Sexual Topics
    • Sports Performance
    • Stop Smoking
    • Stress and Depression
    • Technology Addiction
    • Trauma/ Post Traumatic Stress – PTSD
    • Weight Loss/ Control


Just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to one of our professionals about the best treatment for your needs.



Hollie-Berri McQueen

Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist / NLP

Founding Member of the regulating body "Hypnotherapy Council of Australia' HCA, Clinical Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association, Yoga Alliance 600hr accredited Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Life Coach.

Health Fund Rebates

All therapists at Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic are recognised by health fund providers for the following funds through the Clinical AHA membership:

Australian Unity
BUPA Australia
CBHS Heath Fund Limited
Credicare Health Fund
Grand United Corporate
GU Health
Health Care Insurance Ltd
  Health Partners
Medibank Private
Navy Health Fund
Phoenix Welfare
Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd
Reserve Bank Health Society
Teachers federation Health

Check with your Health Fund provider if they are not listed here, for their possible inclusion into this list.

NOTE: Currently there is no Medicare rebate for hypnotherapy services.


"Dear Hollie-Berri
Thank you so much!!!!! I tried to quit smoking at least 7 times but after only one session with you I finally kicked the habit with absolutely no withdrawal suffering and this time completely confident that I will be smoke free for good. I was so in awe by this, well, what I call miraculous therapy, that I thought I'd confess my phobia to you in hope of being cured. Over 10 years of suffering and seeking help from various counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists I seeked help from you Hollie-Berri and now I am free. My camera and social phobia has been cured. You have helped me release so much pain and fear. You are brilliant Hollie-Berri and I'm happy to shout it to the world!!!!!"
- Female 41yr

"Thank you Hollie-Berri, you have helped us so much.
My 10 year old son has been a very restless sleeper and has not managed to sleep through the night most nights in the last 5 years.

Since coming to see you he has stopped having nightmares and is sleeping through the night and in general, a much happier person. The nightmares stopped after just one session and his sleep pattern improved greatly. He is also communicating with us more which has eleviated any emotional outbursts.

Thanks again.
PS: I have already told many Mums about your Clinic."
- Child, 10yr

"Hollie-Berri has an amazing ability to enable you to see into your own soul and ever so gently reveal the secrets that grip you. With the professional help from Hollie-Berri I have begun to re-adjust my thought patterns and positively alter my perception. The process was fun and life changing. I would highly recommend Hollie-Berri to help you to explore this gentle way of healing no matter your situation. Thank you again."
- Female 26yrs

"Hi Hollie-Berri, Thanks for helping me and my family. After years and years of money lost, I have quit gambling. My wife is not only relieved financially but she is proud of me. My children now have a better quality of life too, and they are enjoying the opportunity to experience a lot more activities. I am so lucky to have been referred to you by my friend and am grateful for your efforts in persuading me in my weak moments. It is a new life I have, and I am genuinely happy with my family and work life now."
- Male 51yrs

“It’s not possible to describe the agony I was in before being helped by Hollie-Berri. My teeth, my hair, my skin, my body odour, but most of all my thoughts, was all being tortured by the smoke. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but lacked the determination to quit on my own. I tried many, many times and failed. I was referred to Hollie-Berri by my Doctor and told to be positive that this may work. I was a little sceptical knowing how many times I had failed in the past.
After meeting Hollie-Berri I was able to relax and involve myself in the process. Her style and unintrusive manner made me feel at ease and confident. I have not touched another cigarette since. It actually makes me feel ill to smell the smoke now.
I am fascinated by the whole process and ecstatic I am free and full of energy again!
Thank you Hollie-Berri"
- Female 35yrs

"4 babies later and a lot of tries, I am finally losing weight! And this is all because of Hollie-Berri’s help. I had 6 sessions and after each one I felt a shift within myself. I don’t think of food as I did before and have come to realise food is fuel not a therapy! I have more stamina and interest in my own life and my children’s. These successful sessions have enhanced not only my life but the lives of my whole family. Hollie-Berri it is difficult to express my true gratitude so here are some beautiful flowers for you to enjoy!

- P.S: I will be bringing Talia when she returns from her school camp to work on her confidence and concentration."
- Female 40yrs

For more information about any of the professional Hypnotherapy or Children's Health services on offer or to organise your next appointment, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today


Qualification details

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Paediatric Hypnotherapy

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