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Shirley Tosevski Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Shirley Tosevski

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Shirley Tosevski Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist


Infertility is defined by the World Health Organization as the inability of a couple to achieve conception after a 12 month period of unprotected intercourse or the inability to carry pregnancies to live births. 1 in six Australian couples of reproductive age experiences dificulties conceiving a child.

The normal monthly success rate for couples attempting to conceive is 25%. This figure decreases with age.

Causes may be due to problems with the production of sperm or eggs, the structure or funciton of the reproductive system, hormonal, autoimmune disorders, and the stress.of not having a child.

Fortunately there are stratergies. we can use to assist some couples, -for some they may require the support of reproductive technologies. Research has shown pre-conception and antenatal care will influence the child for the rest of its life.

Conception advice includes appropriate weight and a healthy diet. Cessation of smoking or recreational drug use.

Benefits of exercise, assessment of current medication, blood tests for Liver disorders, hormonal, and thyroid is recommended.

In males it could be congenital abnormalities, stress, surgery, environmental toxins, oxidative stress, diet, no exercise.

Sometimes you will need the additional support of IVF. IVF has helped thousands of couples conceive. The holistic approach of Natural therapies physically and mentally can help to clear the path for a better success.in the IVF programme.

Herbal medicine in liquid or tablets, play a large part in searching for the cause and implementing a plan with tonics and reproduction. Flower essence helps the mind to be in a calm state, rather than the worry of not being able to conceive.


Your Digestive System can be dividied into the intestinal trace and organs – liver, pancrease, and gall bladder. They play an important role in processing energy from the food you eat and absorbing the nutrients into the body to strengthen your immune system. There is a connection between your digestive system and your brain. Stress can initially have a significant effect on your brain andin turn have a negative effect on your digetive system.

Unfortunately most of us do not have healthy bowels. Heartburn, indigestion, bloaying, gas, constipation and diarrhar are common systoms.

Two reasons are our eating habits, lifestyle. The food today is over processed, high in sugar, and low in fibre and have added perservatives, addivites, and colors. Alcohol, antibiotics, painkillers and other medication, both prescription and over the counter, disrupt the normal bowel function. Sensitivity to Gluten is a hugh factor in bowel disruption.

Heavy Metals can disrupt important supplements like Vitamin C, and causes nerve dysfunction and oxidative stress.

With age, our digestive enzymes decline, allowing undigested food and metabolic waste buildup, leading to auto-toxication setting the stage for disease

The good news is that none of us has to suffer from intestinal decay. You can stop the deterioration by changing your dier to include more whole foods, reducing refined carbohydrates, reducing sugars, not over-medicating.

Intestinal cleansing is your first step. This is accomplished with Herbal medicine and diet

Next we eliminate parasites and yeast. One of the major sources of bowel dysfunction is the overgrowth of pathogenic micro-organisms. Reducig these 'unfriendly' bugs improves the health of not only the colon but the entire body.

Restoring Healthy Flora with 'friendly' bacteria. The gut bacteria synthesize vitamins such as B12, biotin and Vitamin K. They break down toxins and support the immune system. They play a role in preventing colon cancer

Step 1 – Intestinal Cleansing – eliminating the disease-causing accumulation of fecal matter, undigested food, putrefied remains of dead micro-organisms and other waste products. This is accomplished by using a combination of herbs that scrub the intestines clean.

Step 2 – Cellular cleansing – removing toxins from the Liver and Kidneys your blood and tissues.

Step 3 – Yeast and Parasite Elimination – A major source of bowel dysfuncion. Removing “unfriendly” bugs and replacing with “friendly” bugs.

Step 4 – Restoring Health bowel flora.

Comprehensice Screening tools are utilized to recognise unhealthy, red blood cells, white blood cells (Your Immune System), and gut problems with which a more effective health strategy is made just for you.

Anxiety and Depression.

The social cost of Depression is huge in terms of work and economy, health, and law enforcement.

Depression in the workplace has been identified as the fastest growing mental health issue, not to mention family relationships.

Depression is a very complex dis-ease. And no-one really knows what causes depression. Everyone’s experience of depression is different. It is important to differentiate between feeling depressed and depression. Feeling depressed is healthy. However being depressed is not healthy. It is not a feeling of sadness but a relentless sense of despair.

We are unable to think clearly or brood over things.

We might cry easily and unable to enjoy our activities, and lose our sense of humour.

We become restless and unable to sleep

We might eat too much of the wrong food

Be grumpy and impatient.

Its important to search for the cause of Depression. Emotional, Toxic Chemicals, Genetics, and nutritional deficiency and gut imbalance with bad bacteria are some reasons.

Its important to set goals with a sense of purpose, think optimistically, enjoy better quality food and exercise. Enjoy better relationships. Enjoy your strengths .

The right nutrients and B Vitamins are important in treating the nervous system. Magnesium also plays an important part in calming the entire body.

Nutritional support and daily exercise is really important Advice on your diet will give you the support to improve the body’s resilience a nd reduce sleepness nights.

Rich antioxidants, multivitamin, Omega 3 Foods and probiotics are important in your diet,

Reducing Carbohydrate, including good Protein and vegetables and drinking pure water will help your body revive.

Stress and disease have been linked , notable in the case of cancer.

Get serious about changing the negative energies in you life into postive energy, you will be rewarded.

Work stress should not be ignored. Personality conflicts, computer overload, downsizing , and long hours under pressure can have a huge effect on you. There is also the unrealistic expectations on your job, settling unrealistic expectations and dead -lines cause internal stress factors.

Its important to not work more than 10 hrs a day, having nutritious lunch breaks, walking, jogging, using aromatherapy in the office.

Herbal medicine and Flower Essence play an important part in supporting the core issues of the nervous system.

Disease is manifested by emotional imbalances which occur when you are not in touch with your higher self. While herbs, vitamins and cell salts work only on the physical body, Flower Essence raise our vibrations and open up channels for the reception of our spiritual self. Like beautiful music, they are uplifting and inspirational. Its vibration therapy that is a catalyst of emotional transformation. For example, the Willow essence catalyses the transformation of resentment. Holly transforms jealousy and Wild Oat realigns yourself and helps you find your path in life.

Anyone can use them as they are entirely safe and have no side effected.

Laughter is the best medicine. Look at the light side of life at least once a day.

A 10 minute Medition will make your day flow with a special kind of lightness

You are more resilient that you realise.


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Shirley Tosevski Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist