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Simply Natural Therapies
The Crystal Light Bed can create deep healing on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.
This profoundly powerfully healing system is designed to clear, heal, rebalance, harmonise and energise each of the Chakras.

Simply Natural Therapies - Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Do you want to feel light, relaxed and energised again? The Crystal Light bed may help with a wide range of issues.

Crystal Light Bed may help with include:

Energy Healing
Pain Management
Present and Past Blocked Energies
Aura and Chakra Clearings
Receive Life Path Clarity and Sense of Purpose
Clarification of Taste, Sight, Sound, Touch and Smell
Heal Love, Financial, Employment and Personal Issues
Relief of Self Imposed Burdens and Addictions
Live with Unconditional Love and True Happiness
Reunite with distant and runaway family members
Activate Light codes within the heart and DNA


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