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Jean Rudd

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Sirius Health
We are happy to work in conjunction with your own GP or Specialist where necessary.

Sirius Health

Jean Rudd

I have studied and worked in nursing in NZ and in aged care in Australia. Most of my working years were in the business sector, achieving the positions as a Senior Secretary in large and small companies in NZ, England and Australia before embarking on my most difficult task, that of rearing my 3 children, mostly on my own. As every mother knows, it is no holiday nurturing and teaching children 24/7 to become independent adults.

Reiki was introduced to me by a very wonderful friend and neighbor, (Barbie) Louisa Dunn, whom I will be forever grateful. She handed me her Reiki tape, with instructions on what to do. Finding time between children and property, the pets, horses/cows, chickens and whatever seemed to make its way onto my property in need of care, extra time was indeed limited.

After following the Reiki instructions, with my one and only piece of crystal, a slither of clear opaque Agate, placed at my throat for good measure; Half an hour into my treatment of Reiki, my friend Barbie popped in to see how I was going.

Dr Daoud (David) Arikian

I studied over many years and achieved many certifications, diplomas and doctorate in Natural Healing. I am told my method of healing is unique as I have been gifted with abilities beyond the realm. (My qualifications and experience can be read in this site under Dr Daoud Arikian).

I am able to scan my client’s entire body whilst merely cupping the palm of my hands gently under their head.

I have a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology and a unique and gifted ability to be able to connect deeply whilst in treatment; so far down in fact, I am able to connect to the client’s Cellular level, which is similar to the hard drive of a computer. This enables me to trace client’s problems as far back as the date of conception in their mother’s womb.

We Treat

CHRONIC PAIN - is caused by small ‘micro-traumas’ placed on your muscles and joints from seemingly harmless, everyday actions. Innocent little tasks like bending down to pick something up or leaning over to grab something. An incorrect posture, twisting or exercising, even lifting. The simple task or raising your arms, and believe it or not, even walking!

While each may not cause instant pain, just the repetition of those actions can. What can be even worse is when you perform these seemingly harmless tasks in a way that your body is not adjusted or equipped to handle them….it places additional stress and tension on your muscles and joints. .

JOINT PAIN - this treatment works by taking the joint through it’s full range of motion, flooding the area with soothing Synovial Fluid and guaranteeing it’s full lubrication.

MUSCULAR PAIN - again, this treatment works to correct the micro-traumatic effects by keeping the major muscle groups at their correct length (when the muscles are over-stretched, inflammation of that area, and chronic pain, is the natural result).

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