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Febie Cheng eliminates your pain at the root and helps you understand what causes it to help you prevent its recurrence.

Myotherapist & Massage Therapist

About Febie Cheng

Are your muscles crying out for help? The Somerset Myotherapy Group is here to the rescue. Our founder and certified myotherapist, Febie Cheng, can end your pain and restore your strength in no time.

Her clients in Glen Iris VIC love her nurturing demeanour and vigor that go well with her massage strategies, which have improved their lives tenfold.

Febie completed her degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and also works at a nursing home. She learnt the science of therapeutic massage from her martial arts teacher, whom she assisted at a Chinese chiropractor’s clinic while living in Hong Kong in the 80s.

Febie has an extraordinary way of gaining insight into her clients’ needs. Her good grasp of Western medicine is also a contributing factor to the effectiveness of her musculoskeletal treatments. She combines this with her holistic healing techniques to improve the condition of her clients.

She is a part of the Health Clinic’s multi-professional team, where she utilises a variety of healing modalities to treat people efficiently. Febie can effectively alleviate the symptoms of various conditions, including the following:

  • Chronic ailments
  • Migraine and headache
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Lower back pain
  • Poor posture
  • Neuro pain

Apart from relieving musculoskeletal-related pain, Febie is also adept at performing psychological pain management. She evaluates the occupation of a client and their working environment. In doing so, she is able to educate them on how they can prevent sustaining any injury at work.

Febie continues to expand her knowledge and skills by collaborating with physiotherapists and working with various organisations, including the Australian Basketball College, Australia Football League, National Institute Circus Australia and Wellington Community Center, among many others.

She also does volunteer work for indigenous groups at Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti and Hands-on Health Global Intensive in India, where she works alongside healthcare experts from the Chiropractic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong.

Aside from helping others get rid of pain and regain their functionality, Febie’s other interests include martial arts, Tai Chi, table tennis, exercise, photography and travelling. She is a certified Tai Chi for Health Instructor and a traditional martial arts teacher.


“Febie is an excellent myotherapist who treats my 82 year old elderly mother on a fortnightly basis. I originally found Febie as I was seeking a massage therapist that can speak Cantonese. From the first appointment, you can tell straight away Febie genuinely cares for her client’s well being, going above and beyond other massage services. My Mum wants to live independently at home for as long as possible and Febie has certainly helped us achieve this goal. Not only have the regular massages made Mum feel better and become more flexible, she has helped my Mum stay strong with injury prevention strategies such as teaching her strengthening exercises, introducing her to Tai Chi, sourcing orthotics and hip pads. Highly recommended A+”
- Annie Chiew

“The first time I was treated by Febie, I was surprised that I only required one session before I started to feel so much better. Febie is very good and patient at trying to understand what you’re problems are treating you on the spot and then suggesting exercises to do at work or at home. Febie has also treated me for other issues like sinus and not just my neck and back problems. Cant thank this lady enough for helping me feel better.”
- Michelle Ritoli

“I have seen numerous medical specialists and Febie brings a thoroughness I have never encountered before. She focuses on addressing the issue regardless of the time each appointment takes, to ensure you get the necessary treatment needed to address your problem. She is very experienced and educated and has an innate sense of what the issue is before treatment even begins. Her treatments have made a huge positive difference to me and I can not recommend Febie highly enough.”
- Sean Ewinger

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Qualification details

Occupational Health and Safety Training Course
Movement Assessment Technologies (MAT) Course - Level 1
Kinetic Link Training (Level 1 - Functional Strength & Conditioning)
Advanced Dry Needling
Beyond Mechanical Pain - Pelvic Health
Psychological Pain Management
Lower Limb Tendinopathy
Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage
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