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Sooz Erskine

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Sooz Erskine

Servicing area

Castlemaine & Northcote, Melbourne Victoria

Focus areas

Complementary Optimal health Physical health Stress management Well-being Self-confidence


As a Professional Kinesiologist and Transformational Wellness Coach based in Melbourne with over 15 years experience I assist my clients to reduce stress and anxiety, to feel calm and relaxed, to align them into their purpose and facilitate the body’s natural healing process so that they can experience clarity, freedom, balance and joy. I do this at my Northcote Private Practice by combining kinesiology, integrative medicine, transformational coaching and other tools so each client is empowered and totally supported along their path to optimal health and wellbeing.

I work on the principle that every person is unique, that no two clients are the same – even if they present with the same issue. Therefore I look at the client in a holistic way and create individual health pathways specific to the individual to bring about positive outcomes and balance to the issues that they are presenting with.

"You may be feeling anxious, out-of-sorts, unmotivated, uninspired, lacking in self-confidence and focus, fed up with chronic health complaints, or having difficulty in relationships.

Whatever it is for you, my passion is to bring balance to your being, align you to your purpose and support you to step into your optimal potential on all levels. If you’re ready to take the next step, I’d be honoured to journey you through it safely, gently, easily and joyfully.

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A Kinesiology session is a gentle, non-invasive and effective tool to investigate the core issues of your health symptoms or imbalance (the what), the reasons for them occurring (the why), and the best way to bring about relief, release or re-correction (the how) so that you can feel vibrant and on your way to optimal well-being. Kinesiology is a modality that uses muscle testing/monitoring to gather information about your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic health.

A trained Kinesiologist is then able to use this knowledge to delve deeper into hidden layers of the mind, body and spirit and then determine the best treatment to realign the body back into balance. It is one of the greatest modalities to not only understand reasons for your pain or fear, but how to go about alleviating them in a way that is safe and natural for the body’s healing process.

The health conditions and circumstances are endless when it comes to how kinesiology and my work can help you. If you’ve been experiencing pain, fear, emotional imbalance, physical health issues, finding it difficult in relationships, previous trauma, experiencing recurring patterns in work or life or even just wishing to gain insight in how to improve your life, then an appointment with me may be the next best catalyst to encourage self-healing.

About Me

I always knew from a young age that I’d somehow be involved in the healing and complementary medicine industry. Friends and family would come to me for solutions or to gain greater perspective about problems they were experiencing, often on an emotional level. In my early twenties I knew it was time to focus my energy on a career that was deeply rewarding and also something that allowed me to share my natural gifts and passion for healing. I like to say that kinesiology found me.

15 years ago I embarked on my own journey to learn the language of kinesiology and to help others find balance and healing in their world. I have never looked back. Then in my late twenties I had a profound inner transformation that changed the course of my wellness journey. I sought out different healing modalities to journey deep into my world. Through this deepening & understanding I then integrated the knowledge & sought out further qualifications and techniques to enhance and complement my kinesiology practice. Some of these include – spiritual studies, art therapy, counselling, transpersonal studies, five element work, flower essences, chakra healing, sound therapy, shamanic work, nutrition, meridian energy healing and aromatherapy.

The combination of these techniques within my kinesiology practice in Northcote, Melbourne allow me to delve into emotional and spiritual issues on a very deep level so that the core imbalance is revealed for the client and they can heal more effectively & in an empowered way. My sessions are known to help those that are ready to heal quickly, gently and safely, especially when they’re open to change and improving their lives.

As a kinesiologist am particularly passionate about helping shift emotional and spiritual blocks in relation to life transition, relationship struggles, self-sabotage, creativity, past traumas and anxiety/fear.


“For the last few years, Sooz has been an invaluable source of wisdom and healing in my life. A perceptive, gentle and incredibly attentive practitioner, Sooz has guided me through some challenging phases of life with her wide-ranging skill set (drawing on both the practical and the spiritual) and her wonderful good humour. Working with Sooz has been so empowering; it has made me wiser, more resilient, and more comfortable in my own skin.”

“I found my sessions with Sooz absolutely transformative. She helped facilitate some large shifts within me that have not only changed the way I feel about myself, but also how I live my life. It has been 6 months since I have done any work with Sooz, but I still strongly feel the benefits”

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