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As a soul we have unlimited ability to manifest in order to experience ourselves and in fact we are manifesting constantly.

Soul's Destiny - Soul Based Readings

Soul Based Reading are a form of Akarshic Record Readings that we perform to establish clarity and assist healing and growth. At the point when we are first created as a soul, we are created with a specific vibration. This vibration is unique to every soul. A Soul Profile Reading establishes the dominant qualities of your vibration that contribute to who you really are. This is separate to your personality which is also influenced by your biological makeup, your ancestry, and your life experiences.   

All of these things can detract from your true self causing confusion, misalignment, pain and the manifestation of a life or at least aspects of a life that are not what you want.

This reading can assist you to make choices that are more aligned to who you really are in order to manifest what you truly desire.

A full Soul Based Reading includes a Soul Profile Reading and we then go on to explore what choices, events and circumstances have occurred to result in negative blocks and restrictions in your energy field that are influencing your ability to make positive, aligned choices.  These blocks are then cleared.

Being in a human body exposes us to many challenges. Just as our physical body influences us, so does our mental and emotional aspect. We will make decisions about ourselves and our lives based on our perceptions which are influenced by our feelings. These decisions become our beliefs which may or may not serve us. 

These beliefs can create patterns of behaviour that we perpetuate, sometimes lifetime after lifetime.

Have you ever wondered why you can consistently feel, think, or behave in a way that is not what you “logically know”?

Or perhaps you are aware of feelings of fear when you wish to move forward or sense feelings of limitations.

A Soul Pattern and Belief Reading establishes what the fear is and the negative belief that is holding you back. This pattern is not something that can be cleared immediately as it is necessary to change it through awareness, understanding and healing. This then leads to growth and evolution at the soul level. So this reading lays out the path that is required to heal and clear the issues. Those that have followed this plan have experienced 100% success.

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