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Awakening to your true purpose at SOUND SHIFTS. Quantum Healing Hypnosis/past lives (trained by Dolores Cannon). Sound Healings/Meditation. Sound vibration SHIFTS unbalanced energy on a cellular DNA level. Intuitive Counselor, Metatronic Practitioner & Chakra Teacher. Classes teaching Chakras for emotional Healing 10 mth course. Meditations one on one or groups. Australian Bush Flower essences Practitioner.


WELCOME TO Sound Shifts...

  • Is my life working for me?
  • Have I had enough?
  • Where do I start to make a change in my life?
It takes courage to move out of your comfort Zone.
Happiness is there for your taking.
Commit to yourself today and make the change.
It is your HUMAN right to be happy.
You just have to let go of your negative patterns.
Knowledge is power over one’s life.


  • Intuitive Counselor & Spirtual Teacher
  • Sound Therapist & Australian Bush Flower essence Practitioner
  • Metatronic Energy Practitioner
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy & Past Life Regression Therapist.
  • Courses available: Chakra Energy Centers




I have been a Healer for many years and my teaching and healing is from my own life exprience. I walk my talk. When you come from an illness where there is no cure from the medical profession you have to search for another way of healing yourself or coming to a place of acceptance and balance. Living with anything life throws you and have the tools to keep in a balanced state. So this is how I came to a place of healing others. All my work has helped many people change their lives.

My Sound Therapy using Chimes, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Solfeggio Tuning forks & Indigenous sounds for Divine sound vibrational healing (sound Medicine) is a big part of my work. Sound Therapy is the future of healing. A very relaxing Healing & Meditative session while healing the body. Aligning with your bodies true cellular memory, your divine blueprint. Clearing Energy field. Do yourself a favour and just experience a session in Sound. Music is the window to the soul.

All my Modalities all work together in the healing process.


Are you in rhythm with your Souls Song. We all have a Soul song that we were born with. Your life's purpose and your creativity is part of your soul song. Its what gives you your Joy & Bliss. It is what makes our Heart sing. Life's burdens masks your hearts desires.Take the journey to unravel your Souls Song.

I offer 10 classes over 9 months to find your rhythm and align yourself with your Souls Purpose. My classes are one on one and incorporate:
  • Meditations
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Working with the Chakras
  • Sound Therapy



As a human being, a single mother, life's hardships and burdens brought me to my hands and knees many times. It was only when I became ill I knew I had to make a change. After a hands and knees moment I asked the Universe, Consciousness, Energy (God) whatever you call it to help me find my way. I promised I would give my life in some way to help others. Well that was a promise I did keep. I am now a Intuitive Counsellor, Spiritual Teacher/Healer & Sound Therapist. I love my work and it is my Life's Purpose. I found my Souls Song.

Indigenous people always had Medicine Men and Medicine Women who their soul job was to Heal Mind, Body, Spirit of their people. I am a Modern day medicine women who brings the old ways with the new.

When the general public thinks of Native healers and "physicians", the words "Medicine Man" seems to naturally fall out of their mouths. Guess what? This is another situation where there was no gender bias, and there were just as many Medicine Women as Medicine Men.

Each Nation, tribe and village had medicine people; whether male or female was of no consequence. Children who were born with the gift of healing were taken by the medicine person as a young child and taught healing ways. They were taught to recognize the healing plants, trees, roots, berries and wild herbs. They were taught how to make poultices, teas and other healing foods.

Medicine Women were the local psychologists, therapists, physicians and marriage counselors. In some tribes, the Medicine Women were given the responsibility of making the warriors' shields for it was believed that she had special powers that would give those war shields added protection for the owners.

The practicing of medicine ways was a full time job for the responsibility for the well-being and emotional balance of the villagers belonged to the Medicine Woman. In return for her services, she was cared for by the members of the village. She always had food, shelter, her needs met, assistance when it was needed, and special spirit gifts that showed the honor and respect of her people. This was how the Medicine Women were "paid".

The art of being a Medicine Woman has not been lost. There are more practicing Medicine Women alive today than ever before using the same old natural ways combined with the new technology that has been developed. There are herbalists, naturalists, aroma therapists, massage therapists - those who teach spirituality, awareness, meditation skills - and on and on. The Medicine Woman continues to care for her family and loved ones with all the tools available to her so they can walk in balance, and live life in health and harmony.


“When we know better, We do better”


After visiting my physician I was diagnosed with a Bulky Uterus. The doctor told me that I would need treatment as the bleeding would continue. I also suffered from a Hiatus Hernia and had been suffering for about three years. I was prescribed medication to help relieve the Acid Reflux. After each Gastroscopy I was told that I would be on the medication for the rest of my life, as there was no change in the diagnosis of the Hiatus Hernia and was told there was no cure for this condition.

Upon researching my conditions I found that the medication I was taking had a high incidence of getting cancer. I then turned to Georgina Burton for help. I signed up for her Chakra course to help heal whatever was making me sick. After doing the 9 month course it changed my life forever.

On completion of the course I had another Gastroscopy tests with my Doctor to check to see how my Hiatus Hernia was going and the tests showed to my surprise that there was no Hiatus Hernia and no evidence I had ever had one. I also had an ultra sound and found that the Bulky Uterus had disappeared.

To this day I credit my health and wellbeing with the work I did with Georgina and the Chakra course. I would highly recommend the Chakra course to anybody wanting to heal their life.

- Julie Howard


Georgina has successfully guided me through the Chakras on and off for over 4 years. She is intelligent ,intuitive and compassionate.

I have found her knowledge, guidance and counseling invaluable. Many thanks Georgina.

- W.M.

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