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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy / past life regression- trained by Dolores Cannon.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Meditation & Past Life Regression

Servicing area

St Leonards, Werribee, Victoria

Focus areas

Acid reflux Love Physical health Nervous system Stress Management Regression therapy


Trained By DOLORES CANNON. Creditation: Vocational Institute of Florida.

Quatum Healing Hypnosis will take you on a journey back to your Sub - conscious where the answers to Questions you have always wanted to ask. Feeling stuck and can't move forward or sabortaging your life this session will explore why. Sometimes we are stuck because we need to resolve some issue from a past life. Illness can hold us in a life of struggle and sometimes we just need an answer or direction so we can heal ourselves. The session is completed with a healing from the Sub Conscious.

This is a 3-4 hr session. First part is going over your life's time line and working out the appropiate questions for your Hypnosis session. Past life regression as the 2nd stage and then question time with the sub conscious.Dolores called it the sub conscious but it is the connection to Source Energy, Universe, God whatever you may call that part of yourself. Its that part of you that has all the information of all the lives you have ever live. I ask you to bring a list of questions so we can ask the sub conscious for help or resolve. I



Working above the body, Chakra healing to balance and help heal the emotional energy centers of the body. Working on Mind Body Spirit for balance and Healing.



Sound Meditaion: Great for stress relief, healing, balancing & well being. A great start to your week. Guided Meditation using sound instruments through the session.. Crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, pipes and chimes, Drum, gongs. Also one on one sessions available.

Sound vibrational Meditation classes working with the chakras. Will do groups of 2 to 6 people.


The power of the bush flower essences and the results they constantly produce are astounding. they act as catalysts to help resolve a vast range of negative emotional states and develop intuitive abilities. They heal by helping to bring a person into emotional, spiritual and mental harmony. The rationale behind their healing capacity is based on the timeless wisdom that when emotional balance is restored, true healing occurs. Most physical illness is the end result of emotional imbalance.

But the main purpose of the essences is to help people get in touch with their Higher self-their own intuitive centre that knows their life's purpose.

Ian White

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