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Renee Cusworth

Renee Cusworth

Mount Hawthorn WA 6016

Renee Cusworth

Awaken to more joy, peace, love and happiness!


with Renee Cusworth - Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Kinesiologist

Intuitive Relationship Coach




My mission:


    • To create change in the world by igniting people to awaken to their souls higher purpose.


    • To facilitate healing, communication and an understanding of the energetic world.


    • To assist people to awaken to more joy, peace, love and happiness!

Renee Cusworth
Psychic Medium - Intuitive Healer - Kinesiologist

I first discovered energy around me when I was a child, in the form of being able to sense a spirit in my presence. Spirits would come to me regularly (mainly at night time) which was pretty scary at the time! I was blessed to have an understanding family and group of friends around me, however for the most part, this gift was mainly misunderstood.

I was intuitive throughout my teenage years and in my early twenties I began to see other forms of energy around me, as well as flowing through my hands. I didn’t know what to do with this so continued to work within the financial services and stockbroking industries until my early thirties.

In my twenties I travelled as much as I could around the world, peaking with a one year break from my career when I was 28 years old. I had always felt a strong connection with Central and South America and spent a lot of my holiday time there. On these trips I connected with the land, the people, studied Spanish and visited historic sites such as Machu Picchu in Peru and Galapagos Island in Ecuador. I also spent time volunteering at an animal refuge in Bolivia as well as at an eco-farm in Costa Rica.

It was in Costa Rica that I first discovered energy medicine, as a way of healing a broken bone in my foot. Upon returning home I began receiving regular Kinesiology treatment (an energy based complementary therapy), for all kinds of life problems, and had excellent results. So much so that I began to study it!

It was during this period that my psychic gifts increased rapidly, with increased spirit and animal communication and intuitive healing work. I also began to gain control of my 'gifts' and established strong energetic boundaries, meaning that my home and environment is now 100% energetically clear.

I communicate with spirit guides, spirits and animals telepathically (in my mind) and receive information for all of my work via:


    • thoughts and sounds (clairaudience)


    • images (clairvoyance)


    • feelings (clairsentience)


    • intuition / gut feeling (claircognizance)


    • smells (clairscent)


    • tastes (clairgustance)

I have been able to use these skills for a variety of purposes such as relaying messages from spirit guides and spirits on 'the other side', helping spirits that have become 'stuck' here (i.e. a ghost or earthbound spirit), as well as listening to and relaying what an animal has to say.

I also connect very easily to the Angelic, Devic (nature), Galactic and Ascended Masters realms as well as directly to source energy, receiving very clear channelled messages.

The intuitive healing technique I have developed is based on that I have the ability to perceive and clear where negative energy and stress is being held within a person’s energy field and physical body.

The energetic body is where most of our issues are held, so if we clear this then the physical, mental and emotional bodies begin to heal. This is the same principle that is applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture.

I hold a Diploma of Kinesiology, an Advanced Diploma of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), am fluent in conversational Spanish, have attended numerous business, financial and energy healing seminars and workshops and hold a Professional Membership with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). I continue to advance my personal and professional development every day.

I am passionate about human rights, animal rights and the protection of our environment and can not tolerate injustice, cruelty, greed or misogyny. I do my best every day to ensure my energy and income goes to causes and businesses who are committed to making positive changes in the world.

Healing & Guidance Session


Receive intuitively guided advice and heal your energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies

A 'Healing & Guidance Session' is a unique opportunity for you to receive intuitive psychic guidance, business/career advice and energetic healing within the one session.

I have developed this session from firstly working as a Psychic Medium offering Readings, and then integrating Kinesiology and intuitive energetic healing into the one session. Prior to this I spent thirteen years in various positions in the corporate environment, with nine of those years being in leadership and managerial positions. These organisational, strategic and other business skills are also utilised within the session.

I have the ability to see and feel the 'truth' of the matter so can answer any questions you have from a neutral perspective. I can also feel where you have energetic blockages in your body, and work with you to identify and release them.

Animal Communication


Connect with your furry friends, in physical or spirit form

Being telepathic I can communicate with many different energies in many different realms, and language is no barrier.

Animals have ALOT to teach us and by giving them a voice, we not only learn what they have going on in their own lives, but also what they can teach us about their lives.

Very often a household pet takes on the emotional, physical and energetic stress of the household, so once we uncover what that stress is, the owner can then take steps to resolve the issue at the point where it began.

The 'New Energy'


Understand what is happening to your body right now

The energetic technique I have developed comes from being on the 'new energy' system which is a relatively new concept for most of us. In short, we're all experiencing a time of transition where we're evolving into a higher state of consciousness. You could say that it's a form of evolution, where our energy system is shifting up a notch allowing us to embrace our full potential.

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