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Spirit of Man

Healing Mental Pregnancy massage ...
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Gavin is extremely passionate about the body-mind-spirit connection and our relationship to the universe.

About Spirit of Man

Who is Gavin Hodges?

Gavin has previously studied martial arts for over 15 years, Chi Kung and energetic healing, which have all contributed to how Gavin lives and breathes the path of soulful evolution. Ka Huna massage is the powerful tool that Gavin explores and share with this strong client base.

Gavin is blessed to be able to work with and from the heart through Ka Huna massage. It allows Gavin the opportunity to deliver healing energy to many people. Through his massage, Gavin assists and eases his clients as they process and integrate the sometimes mental, spiritual, physical and emotional challenges presented.

Things you may not know about Gavin:

  • He is a loving father of two daughters

  • Believes in living a healthy life and lifestyle

  • Extremely passionate about living in and for the moment

  • Creator and facilitator of the new men’s retreat ‘Spirit of Man’

For information about the amazing retreats that Gavin offers click here.


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