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Professional, Trained, & Qualified Practitioners Designing the Best Health & Wellness for your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. Conveniently situated in Townsville North Queensland.


I aim to ease the busy and hectic modern lifestyles we are in these days with good old fashioned & sometimes Ancient methods of Wisdom, Insight, Healing, Health & Wellness. Guided Meditations of various styles for a wide range of needs for the Mind Body Spirit Soul, professionally designed and presented by myself. Different methods of Alternative Healing Techniques all combined for your ultimate benefit. Master & Teacher of Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Oracle Reading (modern tarot). Spiritual & Life Guidance. Nail Technician & Beauty Consultant. I am a Poet, Author, Singer & Songwriter. Individual or Group, Workshops, Retreats & Classes personally designed for your enlightenment. Products for Spiritual, Beauty, Health & Wellness - if I don’t have it I can get it for you. I continually update and advance my skills qualifications and training across all areas of my life, to ensure that I give you the very best of care that I can. Over 30 years experience across a number of industries. Welcome to your journey, where you will Discover Your Wisdom Within

I have always been drawn to “something more”. I was that child that had a number of friends that nobody else could see, I talked to the animals & plants ... and pretty much everything. My very earliest memory (think i was just a toddler) was standing outside with a white dog (mum said we had a Labrador) looking up at the Moon. I have seen ghosts & spirits, and I have always had the most amazing Intuition, Dreams and an incredible amount of Deja vu. So I knew I’d been here before. Life took it’s sidestep with ups & downs, during which time I lost myself completely, I shut down & shut out everything that was not in there here & now. The most amazing positive thing during those dark time is that I had 2 very beautiful & brilliant children. 30 was a huge turning point for me. I found my inner voice & courage. I then started the journey back to ME. At 35 I met my Soul Mate. When I turned 40 it was like a breath of fresh air & at 43 I opened Spiritual Whispers. From there I seemed to instantly be awake & jumping up the ladder (so to speak) instead of taking little steps. Everything felt like it was simply switched on. I found Belief in myself & trusted it. I make mistakes, I feel, I am human after all. I love what do & who I am.

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