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Sports podiatrists Trent and Emily are experienced practitioners specialising in foot and lower limb injury management, including chronic heel pain. They are located within three highly regarded Sports Medicine Clinics in Sydney, encompassing the CBD, inner west and greater western Sydney areas. With a wealth of clinical experience and a commitment to resolving foot pain, Trent and Emily provide attention to detail, comprehensive assessment, gait analysis, a clear diagnosis and a confident management plan which often includes flexible orthotics, exercises and footwear prescription. Trent and Emily are proud their patients often leave their initial sports podiatry consultation with a noticeable reduction in pain and always with an appropriate understanding of the problem and its recovery process. Quick results are often achieved and always welcomed, however long term outcomes are usually gained through a program of stretching and strengthening, running technique modification, soft tissue release and modalities to improve function such as orthotics and footwear. Their sports podiatry repertoire, patient commitment and communication are what place Trent and Emily amongst the most highly regarded in the sports podiatry profession.

Balmain Sports Podiatrists

Focus areas

Posture Growth Frustration Love Biomechanics Forefoot pain

Meet the Experts in Sports Podiatry
Getting back on track from injury is as important to us as it is to you. Coming from elite sporting backgrounds, we understand the frustration and pain suffered with lower limb injury for active people, athletes and weekend warriors alike. We actively listen to your injury history, feedback and goals to ensure a positive patient experience as well as achieve positive injury outcomes.

Sydney podiatrists with an active community focus

With our convenient clinics in Balmain, Homebush and Sydney CBD, we service the wider population with patients often travelling on recommendation from greater western Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW to take advantage of our exceptional resources, up-to-date knowledge, short wait time on appointments, quick turn-around time on orthotics and our fresh approach to sports podiatry. Our podiatry service and community commitment extends to charitable organisations including OXFAM Trailwalker and CANTOO and we are actively involved in the managing injuries of members in the Australian Defence Force. Ultimately, we are sports podiatrists because we love it.

Emily Smith
Portrait of Emily Smith

Emily set her sights on building her Sports Podiatry repertoire and knowledge after graduating in 2004. Now, as a partner of Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and Senior Podiatrist of Balmain Sports Medicine, Emily doesn't rest on her laurels. Emily enjoys consulting with motivated Australian Defence Force members, elite athletes of NSWIS and social or competitive individuals. She is proud to consult to sporting clubs / teams including the 2011 Wallabies world cup squad and to mentor participants of charitable organisations including OXFAM trailwalker and CanToo.

Having represented NSW in hockey, Emily understands the frustration involved with injury and the importance of efficient injury management. With a special interest in runners and hockey players, Emily specialises in heel pain (including plantar fasciitis), overuse soft tissue injuries, forefoot pain and growth plate injury seen in children and adolescents. She believes the key to resolving injuries includes comprehensive assessment, confident diagnosis and a long term management plan consisting of strengthening / balancing of the postural muscles of the foot and leg, combined with improvement of function with footwear and orthotics. Emily recognises the predicament of function v's fashion and will endeavour to implement a suitable compromise into her footwear and orthotic prescription, where appropriate.

In addition to consulting clinically, Emily is often involved in presenting information to peers, other allied health practitioners and the public, as well as writing or commenting for magazine articles. Outside of podiatry Emily keeps fit through running and yoga and also enjoys pilates, social sport, bushwalking and spending down-time with her husband Trent.

Trent Salkavich
Portrait of Trent Salkavich

After graduating from the University of Western Sydney in 2004 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Podiatry, Trent has had the privilege of practicing in both regional and metropolitan NSW. Trent now consults from Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and Balmain Sports Physiotherapy; two of Sydney's top multidisciplinary sports clinics. Trent is also contracted to consult with members of the Royal Australian Military College Duntroon and Defence Force Academy Barracks in Canberra and Sydney.

Having played and coached tennis at a high level, Trent has a specific interest in the treatment and management of lower limb pathologies particularly associated with tennis players. He is the consulting Podiatrist for the Sydney Medibank International Tennis Tournament, NSW and Australian Institute of Sport Tennis and has developed an intricate knowledge of injury, footwear prescription, exercise physiology and appropriate treatment for tennis players.

Trent and his partner Emily Smith are the consulting Podiatrists for various NSW Institute of Sports athletes, OXFAM 100km fundraising walk, Norwest Sydney Koala’s Ladies Soccer Club, CANTOO Sydney Olympic Park, Macquarie University running groups and The Kings School. For recreation, Trent enjoys training and competing in long and more recently short course Triathlons, half marathons, ocean swimming and Wednesday morning golf at either Northbridge or Cammeray.

Trent prides himself on providing the highest level of patient care that has come synonymous with Sydney Sports Medicine Centre and Balmain Sports Physiotherapy.

Membership and clubs:

  • Australian Podiatric Council
  • Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
  • Sports Medicine Australia
  • Balmoral Triathlon Club
  • Tennis NSW and Australia
  • Diabetes Australia
  • TKS Old Boys Union
  • Triathalon Australia
  • Northbridge Golf Club

Services Offered

During your appointment your injury will be assessed comprehensively. This includes thorough assessment of your pathology, your injury history, footwear, as well as an assessment of your complete lower limb biomechanics and alignment. Using the information acquired from your assessment a management plan is discussed with you and implemented.

Video Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis is used to assess your gait pattern and lower limb alignment during walking and running gait. It gives you an opportunity to inspect and understand your own lower limb biomechanics and the role of correct footwear and/or orthotics.

Customised Orthotics

Advancements in orthotic technology allows your Podiatrist to use a 3D digital scanner when obtaining foot dimensions and depth. This equates to a more precise method of obtaining foot data, a quicker turn around time from the orthotic lab (standard is 5 working days) and a more accurate orthotic prescription.

For running and sports, a flexible orthotic provides shock absorption and proprioception, whilst allowing for normal levels of foot and lower limb motion.

Slim line Orthotics

These are suitable for appropriate court shoes, men’s business shoes, sandals and winter boots and are a good option for maintaining foot position during day-to-day activity.

A 3D Foot Scanner

A 3D foot scanner is used to take a digital scan of the foot which is used for the manufacture of the customised orthotics.

Our lab will keep a copy of your 3D digital foot scan for life.

Should you require orthotics in the future and providing your foot hasn't changed function or shape we are able to re-use your foot scan. This equates to a cheaper orthotic and a quicker turnaround time.

Further Assessment

Further assessment i.e. radiographs, ultrasound, MRI are often warranted to obtain a definitive diagnosis. Podiatrists can order X-rays and ultrasound, however we will often collaborate with your GP and/or a Sports Physician when a CT scan or MRI is warranted.

Footwear Assessment and Advice

Sport shoes need to provide appropriate support, grip, stability and cushioning for you against the ground, as well as be appropriate for your sport and your biomechanics. Casual and work shoes can play a quiet but staggering role in lower limb pathomechanics. Muscle function is altered (some muscles over or under work) to allow your foot to hold a poor shoe on, or give you stability in a high heel. It is important to bring to your consultation the casual and work shoes you wear regularly, as well as your sport shoes and runners.

Paediatric patients

Paediatric patients are at risk of overuse and growth plate injuries when they are participating in competitive levels of sport. For young athletes, it is imperative that muscle function, flexibility and biomechanical alignment are kept in check. Typically during growth spurts the long bones (i.e. tibia, fibula and femur) will grow exponentially at rates which the muscles can’t maintain optimal length or strength. This will often result in tightness of the muscles and excessive pulling on the bone at the muscle attachment. (see common injuries). Orthotics and correct sport and school footwear often play a significant role in helping to maintain appropriate biomechanical posture during this important growth phase.

The Multi-Disciplinary Practice

The multi-disciplinary practice provides a great platform for us to incorporate the skills of a trusted sports physiotherapist, doctor, nutritionist, massage therapist, exercise physiologist and specialised surgeon, when required as a part of your management plan. If you have your own practitioner we are happy to correspond with them as necessary and keep them updated on your progress.

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