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Stamata Sideris

Stamata Sideris

Servicing area: Caulfield, Victoria

Stamata Sideris
Homoeopathic medicines are considered safe and have no harmful side effects, and they can be used for all stages of life.

Stamata Sideris

Welcome to
Stamata Sideris Therapies

I am a homoeopath who presents a mobile service; I offer the convenience of coming to you, within a 5-10km radius of Caulfield, VIC.

I have chosen to practice homoeopathy because it is a holistic form of medicine, designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing forces to enhance overall well being and health.

Homoeopathy works on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Its founder, the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann focussed on the Law of Similars, where substances that produce signs and symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat similar signs and symptoms in an unwell person.
Homoeopathy has been practised around the world for over 200 years, and given its holistic nature, all aspects of a patient’s life are considered before a diagnosis is made and medicine is prescribed.
The medicines used are made from different sources including plants, animals and minerals. They are prepared by a process called potentisation, i.e. process of dilution and succussing.

Homoeopathic medicines are considered safe and have no harmful side effects. They can be used for all stages of life, equally effective in babies, pregnant and lactating women, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Homoeopathics can be used safely with other medicines.

Homoeopathy can assist in:

  • First aid: bites, stings, hives, injuries, trauma, shock etc.

  • Acutes: hangover, travel sickness, food poisoning etc.

  • Chronic: skin complaints, hormone imbalances, headaches, depression, asthma, arthritis etc.
The way I work:

  • Our initial consultation can take up to 90 mins., in this time I will ask you about your present concerns and take the opportunity to learn more about you. We’ll talk about such things as your personal history, familial history, any other health concerns you may have, preferences in food and temperature and talk generally about your life, work, school, home etc.

  • Any further follow up consultations usually takes 30-45 mins.

  • If the consultation relates to an acute, theses usually take 15-30 mins.
Health Rebates: Most major health companies offer rebates on homoeopathic consultations.

I am a qualified homoeopath and naturopath and a member of ANTA and AHA, as well as AROH registered.

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