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Starlight Wellness Centre

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Starlight Wellness Centre was established in 2014, the culmination of many years of study, practice and dreaming. 

Starlight Wellness Centre

Focus areas

Hydration Love Stress Management Values Access consciousness Wellness

At Starlight Wellness Centre we have ungergone extensive research in an attempt to shed light on the "white elephants" the hidden hazards that undermine health. Increasingly people are derailed by illness or disease and don't achieve their dreams or reach their full potential. We're constantly confronted by people afflicted by obscure medical condition looking for a cure. ... and why wouldn't we all want peace of mind, a healthy body and a joyful soul.

At Starlight Wellness Centre our range of carefully selected health products assist people to manage hazards in their environment. Now that the technology has caught up with what we intuitively knew and science has shown we bring products to you that were once only available to a few.

Removing stresses allows people to move forward on their chosen path rather than sliding steadily backwards for no good reasons. With the removal of hidden and accumulative environmental hazards we can all have ... energy for living!

Our Vision

Our Vision is that people live vital joyful lives.

Our Mission

We contribute to consciousness by offering a range of empowerment and leadership training and products that remove obstacles to physical, mental and spiritual health and restore joie de vivre.

We source the best quality health products from integral manufacturers who operate outside the box at the creative edge where science, innovation and intuition meet.

We partner with product, training and service providers who share our vision. We offer creative edge, out of the box health options that set you up to be the vital joyful person you are.

We respect that people are individuals, not widgets and accordingly we assist by considering the many and varied contributors to the health and wellbeing issue presented and we give our clients information and options so they can make empowered choices.

We inspire individuals and business to protect and foster the health and wellness of their families, their workers (and colleagues), their community and the environment.

We strive for best practice in everything that we do.

Our Service

Our online store allows you to research and purchase health support products at your convenience. We offer phone and face to face consults to assist you to identify and manage your health and wellbeing priority. We offer occupational health and safety consultations, audits and support to business.

Starlight Wellness Centre offers a range of health and wellness solutions that mitigate hidden and accumulative environmental hazards. This includes:

water filters – that remove toxins and condition the water for optimal hydration;

energy harmonisers – that restore balance to people’s electrical field, disrupted by electromagnetic radiation and Wi-Fi;

nutritional supplements that repair, restore or enhance the body’s natural ability to function, this is necessary to:

compensate for insufficient minerals in our soil and food sources;

digestive health impaired by consuming chlorinated water, meat and dairy from animals that are fed antibiotics in their feed daily, and vegetables that are grown using pesticides;

change management and consciousness therapies – the environment we grew up in, were educated and shaped can stifle us, accordingly we offer treatments and remedies that set people free of their past conditioning, beliefs, attitudes and trauma; and

Access Consciousness Bars training for individuals and natural therapy practitioners alike. This training is the perfect addition to one’s wellness kit as it creates ease and contentment with life. It is suited to health practitioners working with clients (or those moving into the wellness industry) and individuals who seek to support the health and well being of their family and loved ones.

Our Values

GRATITUDE - we remember how fortunate we are and contribute to the development an inclusive community

LEADERSHIP - we shape a better future by inviting people to possibilities increase vitality

RESPECT - we treat others with consideration and dignity

SUSTAINABILITY - we conduct business with reverence to the earth and all its inhabitants

INTEGRITY - we act in an ethical, honest and fair manner

CARING - we serve with empathy and compassion

PROFESSIONALISM - we are reliable people of our word

QUALITY - we provide the best products, well rounded advice and excellent value

KINDNESS - we listen to our clients and give real and true advise not lip service


Natural Therapies

The Natural Therapies that we offer are Energy Therapy - the gentle art of clearing cellular memory through the human energy field promoting health, balance and relaxation. Energy Therapy is based on the concept of connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our lives found in many holistic healing methods. At Starlight we offer a range of Energy Therapy and Energy Medicine / Remedies to suit your specific requirements. We also have a unique range of supplements and nutritional support that may be appropriate for your health and wellness goal.

  • Access Bars - $150.00

  • Access Body Work - $150.00

  • Access Energetic Facelift - $150.00

  • Reiki - $100.00

  • Energy Healin - $100.00

  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing - $100.00

  • Australian Bush Flower Consult - $75.00

  • White Light Essence Consult - $60.00

Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedies

Having used and administered Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedies for 20 years I know the profound healing benefits they bring.

These remedies faciliate subtle yet profound change with ease. In many of the consultations that are offered Australian Bush Flower Remedies are included or offered at a discount rate. This is to support and enhance the treatment and assist you to achieve your physical, emotional or spiritual goal. The essences that are included in your remedy relate specifically to the issues or challenges that you wish to transcend.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Consults are $75 and include the preparation of one remedy valued at $20.00. When you choose to have a remedy made to support your Access Consciousness or Energy Therapy Session the cost of the remedy is also $20.00.

White Light Essence Remedies

The White Light Essences like the Bush Flower Essences that we use were created by Ian White.

This astonishing range of spiritual essences assists you to be all that you can be. There are 7 Remedies:

  • Water

  • Earth

  • Fire

  • Air

  • Higher Self

  • Devic

  • Angelic

These essence are intended to be taken in order commencing with Water through to Angelic.

When you come for a White Light Essence Consult you receive your consult and remedy for $60.00.

Time is spend explaning how to use the remedy how best to embrass the learning and how to integrate the spiritual empowerment into your life.

Natural Therapy Special Offers

At Starlight Wellness Centre we offer natural therapies that rejuvenate the soul and restore vitality to the body. To book your next self care appointment or a relaxation session for someone you love ring us on 08 9794 2442.


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