Sue Greaves Holistic Kinesiology

70 Keneally st
Maudsland QLD 4210

Servicing area: Northern Gold Coast/Hinterland area

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Welcome to Sue Greaves Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle monitoring, combining Eastern wisdom and Western techniques to get to the core of anybody or life imbalance.

Sue Greaves Holistic Kinesiology

About Me

Hello, my name is Sue Greaves and I am a Holistic Kinesiologist situated on the Northern Gold Coast in Maudsland.

I am deeply passionate about returning balance and harmony to the lives of all of my clients. I firmly believe that we all deserve to be happy and healthy, and that removing the blockages and limiting beliefs from our body and mind we can reach this.

I have had my own personal journey with kinesiology and was truly amazed at how our bodies provide feedback and even the answers to our own healing. I was absolutely blown away by the results that I experienced. It has truly changed my life in many ways.

Kinesiology utilises gentle muscle monitoring (a bio feedback method) to highlight the factors that are interrupting the body’s innate healing procedures as well as identifying any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your life optimally.

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Sue Greaves Holistic Kinesiology