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Our small team of leading dietitians can show you how to use food as medicine to lose weight, manage medical conditions and improve your wellbeing.

Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic

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Castle Hill

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Lifestyle medicine Wellbeing Cooking workshops Pregnancy support Lifestyle Health goals

About Us

Welcome to Sue Radd's Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic! We are a small team of expert dietitians in Sydney that can show you easy ways to enjoy a healthy diet while saving money and time in your kitchen. Whether it's a weight loss plan you're seeking, or to manage or prevent a medical condition, we can introduce you to a range of delicious foods and ingredients with powerful medicinal properties to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Companies, community groups, legal firms and media can also profit from our independent and progressive nutrition advisory service to develop or launch new products, secure a wellness speaker or simply tap into our knowledgebase for quick news quotes or an in depth interview for feature articles.

Please visit our website and don't forget to subscribe to our free food and nutrition tips newsletter to keep you on top of the latest developments in food and medicine.

How we can help you

Did you know that your dietitian is working hard to better serve you even before you arrive for your first visit?

The food and nutrition experts

Dietitians are your food and nutrition experts. Sometimes called the 'food doctor', dietitians can advise you on all things related to diet and eating for good health. Many people don't realise that it takes five years of university training to become a dietitian in Australia. The courses are at Masters or postgraduate level.

Lifestyle medicine

If you have a medical condition, such as diabetes or arthritis, your dietitian can show you how to better manage this - often with less or no medication. Your dietitian will help you fine-tune your food choices. Your dietitian can also help you reverse risk factors for chronic disease, such as high cholesterol, by introducing you to a range of superfoods, rich in phytonutrients that strip cholesterol.

New research in the field of nutrigenomics tells us that the nutrients in our food are very powerful as they can literally 'talk to our genes', affecting whether certain disease controlling genes get switched on or stay switched off in the body. This means that your personal diet can directly influence whether you present with an illness for which you may have inherited a genetic predisposition, or whether you keep it at bay. In other words, you have a great deal of control! Generally, western style eating patterns (think Australian or American diets) tend to switch on the genes for chronic diseases whereas plant-based diets (like traditional Mediterranean, Asian or vegetarian diets) have the power to guard from such diseases.

But that's not all. Even if you feel you are healthy, your dietitian can probably still enhance your eating style. For example, we help athletes improve their stamina and performance and young women to boost their fertility and chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Wellness programs

You can see your dietitian one on one, over a series of structured visits as part of a set program. Or, if you prefer, we can plan each of your sessions with you as you go, basing them on your unique needs, which might change from week to week. Either way, we will always first conduct a thorough nutritional assessment before advising you on any dietary change. See what to expect from your first appointment.

Many people also benefit from the dynamics experienced at our group health seminars and cooking workshops. You can listen to answers from other peoples questions and also gain peer support. These programs are a cost effective way to further increase your knowledge about food and health and stay motivated. Why not check out our supermarket tour, cookshops, and health seminars.

Food and eating information leaflets

When you see your dietitian at the Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic, you will receive a range of original information leaflets that are relevant to your goals and packed full of practical tips to make changing your lifestyle easier. Sometimes, we may also use materials sourced from other reputable organisations when we believe the information is current and of high quality.

Staying up-to-date to serve you better

There are numerous ways your dietitian continues to learn after university training.
  • We attend conferences both in Australia and overseas where the latest nutrition research findings are presented and we incorporate these into our practice as soon as possible so you can benefit from cutting edge science.
  • We run a monthly journal club at the Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic with a small team of dietitians from the local area, where we discuss interesting developments in nutrition, new food products, complex medical cases and various counselling techniques, with the aim of constantly improving how we serve you.
  • We regularly visit supermarkets to keep up to date with new product lines so we can alert you of healthy food choices and those to keep away from.
  • We are invited to media product launches to be informed of unique functional foods that are about to be released on the Australian market. We earmark those that could benefit your care.
  • We cook and share innovative wellness recipes with each other and our friends and gain feedback to adjust new tastes and techniques, before passing on the easy steps to you.
  • We keep up with popular diet books published in Australia and abroad to evaluate them and make reading recommendations for you.
  • We screen the food media news from around the world on a daily basis and select items of value to share with you during consultations and in our free newsletter.


One on one consultations

If you are looking for a private service where you can receive your dietitians full and undivided attention, to focus entirely on your individual needs, a one on one consultation is for you!

In a one on one consultation, you get to sit in a comfortable room with your dietitian. It is a pleasant time where you can feel secure and relaxed to open up and share. You will feel that, as well as being your nutrition guide, your dietitian is your friend. The style of the consultation is best described as something between a counselling and coaching session. Importantly, there is no finger wagging! Simply, a recap of where you're at, what hurdles or leaps you may have experienced and positive suggestions for how you can move on with confidence towards your goal.

A few quotes from our clients
“That was awesome!”

“This has been a good experience for my family, especially for my children”

“I have decreased by blood sugar reading and lost weight. I have a new lease on life, eventhough I am 71!”

Clients have told us they benefit greatly from having regular one on one consultations, to help them stay on track. Initially, these may be weekly, but in the longer term you may find fortnightly, monthly or quarterly 'check ins' work well for maintenance of your health goals. It's a bit like having your car serviced regularly in order for it to keep running well so it doesn't break down and cost the earth to repair! Put another way, it's being given a regular injection of lifestyle medicine to help you stay off medication or keep to a lower dose.

One on one consultations are ideal if you have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, irritable bowel, any other medical conditions or if you simply want help with weight loss.

12-week weight loss and wellness program

Have you struggled keeping weight off in the past?

Join our exciting 12-Week Weight Loss and Wellness Program and discover easy ways to improve your health and lose weight permanently - without going hungry!

“I feel much healthier, my clothes fit great and I don’t have to take medication any more”

How our program can help you

We have designed a unique one-on-one approach to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve results
  • Includes 12 weekly coaching sessions focusing on the dietary and lifestyle keys proven by research to keep weight off in the long term
  • Motivation and accountability provided by a university trained Accredited Practising Dietitian experienced in working with overweight people who may also have other health conditions
  • Fun and interactive 30-minute learning sessions - including powerpoint presentations, food photography showing hidden fats in foods and worksheets for you to indentify your personal goals and actions to take next week
  • Unlike many other quick fix programs, our goal is to show you a better way to live so you can also reduce your future risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, or if you already have an existing condition, to achieve better control
  • We are interested in your wellbeing as a whole person, not just immediate weight loss results

Great benefits to take home
  • Enjoy our delicious 4-week slimming menus, recipes and shopping lists without having to count calories or going hungry
  • Share innovative ideas and new food wisdom with the whole family - you don't need to cook separate meals!
  • Start to feel better almost immediately - gain energy, sleep better, take the pressure off your joints and reduce pain, breathe easier, improve your confidence and enjoy life more
  • Take home your personal Weight Loss and Wellness Resource Kit including health books, pedometer, and more than 30 practical handouts to help you eat smart
  • Receive free and discount vouchers worth hundreds of dollars for additional products and services to support your wellness journey - think hair and spa pampering, style consultation, massage, fitness, gym equipment, sneakers, cookware, complimentary voucher to attend one of our award winning cookshops, lifestyle psychology and more
  • Lose up to 1 kg per week, shed body fat, reduce your waistline, drop your blood pressure, cut elevated cholesterol, blood sugar and other markers of inflammation or disease processes in the body

Our Cookshops

Let's cook for life

Introducing an innovative and award winning cooking and nutrition workshop series, designed to improve your success with healthy eating and give you inspiration in the kitchen!
  • Be part of our exciting cookshops and see fresh ideas for creating easy and delicious meals for your family and friends
  • Learn easy ways to improve your wellness while saving time and money in the kitchen
  • See how you can use seasonal and minimally processed foods to address specific medical conditions, lose weight, improve your lifestyle or just give you some sizzle in your meal creations

Held exclusively at our Eat to Live kitchen located at the Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic in Castle Hill (Sydney, Australia).

The cookshops are conducted by Sue Radd and her team of expert Accredited Practising Dietitians giving you not only a delicious culinary experience but professional medical nutrition advice from some of Australia's leading nutritionists!

Virtual Supermarket Tours

Ever feel overwhelmed at the supermarket?

Want to make smarter choices when shopping for food?

Join us for an exciting and info packed supermarket tour, designed to improve your confidence in making healthier food choices!

Here's what you will learn to do:
  • Read food labels using easy benchmarks for 'high' and 'low' nutrient content
  • Understand what product manufacturers don't want you to know about on-pack claims such as 94 % fat free, lite, cholesterol free and low GI
  • Find out the real meaning of organic, free range, grass fed and other novel marketing claims
  • Discover Superfoods to better manage medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and arthritis
  • Identify the best products to buy for you and your family

In a nutshell, you will become supermarket savvy and never look at product shelves in the same way again! You'll cut through the clutter and the attention grabbing claims to more quickly determine whether a foodstuff is for you.

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