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Come and join us in this journey of celebration and exploration.

Sukha Mukha Yoga

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Posture Body alignment Complementary Stress Management Nervous system Lifestyle

Our Passion/Philosophy

Our passion is to share the gift of Yoga in it’s deepest essence which is beyond the Physical. Our main form of practice and the lineage from which we come is Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic flow which gives the freedom to creatively express oneself. This is what we consider the essence of Yoga, linking Breath and Movement with Intention, celebrating the joy in life and the wisdom of Yoga as a lifestyle.

We see Yoga as a way of life — something to practice both on and off the mat. Yoga allows us to become more present and free of stress, to reconnect with our spirit and the truth of who we are. At Sukha Mukha our classes are physically challenging and spiritually uplifting. We always draw back to the meaning, source and Philosophy of Yoga and realise just how relevant they are to our lives today. At the end of class you will leave feeling in harmony with your body, mind and soul.

We offer Yoga classes from as low as $10 per class, kids yoga, teens yoga yin and restorative yoga. Our classes are suitable for all people, all ages and all religions.

What does Sukha Mukha mean?

Sukha is joyous, happy, blissed and Mukha is face, hence; Happy Face Yoga

I was looking for a name that would present what I believe yoga is and should be. Going through many different names and Sanskrit terms I was blessed to have Jasmine, my teacher from NYC come to teach in Sydney, and during her workshop she kept saying “bring some Sukha to your Mukha”. it took me a few times hearing it to be able to translate it in my brain, and I immediately knew in my heart that that was the name I had been waiting for.

This is how Sukha Mukha Yoga was born into this world.


A heart-warming yoga flow suitable for all levels of practice. Your devoted teacher will guide you through the practice and offer alternative postures for a variety of levels.

Beginner’s 8 Week Course*Yoga is a wonderful, holistic practice, but unfortunately the only practice that allows us to decide for ourselves which level of class to attend. For most of us if we are slightly flexible or strong we will very quickly find ourselves in an advanced class, before we are fully aware of the proper foundations of yoga, body alignment and correct breathing techniques, making us more prone to injury. This course will shed light on these very important elements and will enable you to choose wisely which class to attend and how to modify each practice in order to meet your needs and better protect yourselves.

Iyengar Yoga 8-Week Course*Iyengar Yoga, named after and developed by B. K. S. Iyengar, is a form of Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas. Iyengar Yoga will benefit all students of all levels and especially those interested to know more about alignment and bring more stability and safety into their practice. It is extremely beneficial for those suffering from any condition as it put a lot of emphasis on correct alignment for the individual and often used as Yoga Therapy.

Kids Yoga
Kids yoga promotes inner strength, self-esteem, improved concentration and healthy bodies. Our kids yoga classes will explore each students natural ability to open their mind, body and heart. It is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a healthy lifelong activity in a fun and non-competitive environment. For ages 4-8 years old.

Pranayama and meditation - 8 weeks course*
Coming soon

Restorative Yoga is the yoga of deep, conscious relaxation. It is the Yoga of ‘Being’, rather than the Yoga of ‘Doing’. Using as many props as necessary, this type of practice allows your muscles, ligaments and organs to relax on a much deeper level and by doing so to restore Prana, energy, life force. As your body finds the shape of the posture and melts into place your nervous system switches to calmness and a deep inner healing mode. This type of practice is extremely important and valuable to all people who live in modern society. It’s complementary to a strong Yoga practice and is suitable for all levels and all ages.

Long hold poses that work with breath and release body tension and stress, increase flexibility and nourish the joints and fascia of the body. Compliments our yang lifestyle.

Yoga for Trauma Class
Yoga for Trauma is a little different from traditional Yoga. For a start you’re in a safe place, where everyone is a little more sensitive to each other’s personal situation.

​You can calmly experiment with breathing, moving, strengthening, stretching and resting. There is no hands-on assistance, and the yoga facilitator does the practice with you, sharing the experience.

​For many who have experienced lengthy periods of trauma feeling ‘present’ is something that has long been forgotten. Yoga for Trauma can help resolve this situation, and it can also help you to become aware of your own body again.

​Be aware that you may experience some new feelings afterwards, and although the yoga facilitator is open for feedback about the practice, he or she is not a therapist. Therefore we strongly advise you to maintain contact, and discuss your experiences with a mental health professional, or GP.

By doing this you help yourself, and the other people in the group by keeping the practice a safe, sympathetic place to reconnect with your body and mind.

If you have never practiced yoga before, we recommend that you take the eight week beginner’s course before you begin drop-in classes.

Contact us today for more information.

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