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Hardo Bottin

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136 Darby Rd Hahndorf/echunga SA 5153

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The road to recovery is accessible regardless of whether you have allergies, recurring headaches, respiratory problems, or other health problems. There is nothing you cannot treat by identifying the root cause of your issue & treating it with live blood analysis & homoeopathic medications.

Classical Homoeopath

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Echunga, Hahndorf & Adelaide Hills SA

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Metaphysics Stress Management Tiredness Aches & pains Love Parasites

The Sunflower Clinic offers classical homoeopathy remedies and live blood analysis, which are responsible for improving the lives of many people in Hahndorf and Echunga, South Australia.

One of Hardo's greatest lifelong loves is classical homoeopathy. He has been using this risk-free method on hundreds of people, mostly children, for the past 20 years, and he is constantly amazed by how quietly and subtly it seems to work. Many of Hardo's clients have healed from chronic illnesses after years of tiresome battle.

What is classical homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is an energy medicine that cannot be validated using conventional procedures because it cannot be tested in non-energetic ways. It is essentially comparable to all religions because they rely on faith, which is not accepted by science as proof of the presence of a deity. Homoeopathy is founded on concepts that go beyond the physical into a world known as the metaphysical realm, where our natural energetic bodies exist and are sensitive to energies in our surroundings that may have a positive or negative impact on our health.

Classical homoeopathy is the world's second most popular medical model, employing energetic medicines tuned to the energy of our bodies and specifically chosen based on the totality of all symptoms presented by the client. It addresses mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health issues. During a consultation, Hardo determines the specific symptoms and how they relate to these individual aspects, as well as ensuring that the medicine and potency chosen are appropriate for the symptoms and their severity.

Treat the person, not the disease

It is important to remove the barriers to recovery before using homoeopathic medicines. This reality is frequently overlooked not only by the scientific community, but also by some homoeopaths.

If a client comes in with a cancerous condition, for example, Hardo will spend time getting to know them, their lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes, environment, mental and emotional health, relationships, family history, traumatic events, and so on.

Hardo shifts his focus after investigating all aspects of the client's life to understanding the precursors to the problem, such as what happened prior to being diagnosed, then the obstacles to recovery and symptoms associated with the condition. Cancer is a direct consequence, and as such, Hardo works to determine what caused it to treat the person that has been subjected to it rather than the disease itself.

What is advanced live & dried blood analysis?

Looking through a high-powered microscope at someone's blood helps Hardo understand how the symptoms presented by a client relate to the health of their blood and body. As a result, he can help the client recover from mental, emotional or physical challenges.

What does live blood analysis entail?

Advanced live blood analysis detects over-acidity and overgrowth more directly. Drops of blood are dried onto a slide and examined under a microscope, where the blood's acidic patterns and negative microforms cannot be seen.

In contrast, live blood analysis examines unaltered live blood under a special dark-field, phase-contrast compound microscope. The high-powered compound microscope can magnify objects so that acid crystals, bacteria, yeast and mould can be seen in great detail within the blood sample. In one drop of blood, you can see red and white blood cells, crystallised microforms, mycotoxins, cholesterol, metals, blood clots, undigested fats, toxic fungal forms and many other things.

What about dried blood analysis?

It involves the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test (MOST) that allows a small amount of blood to dry and clot on a microscope slide. This test can reveal whether a client's constitution is strong or compromised.

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  • Bachelor of Medical Sciences
  • Advanced Diploma In Classical Homoeopathy
  • Diploma In Transpersonal Psychology
  • Nutritional Microscopist
  • Basic and Advanced Microscopy Training and Internship
  • Internationally Accredited Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Integrative Counselling
  • Ph Miracle Coach
  • Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapist
  • Advanced Frequency Therapy

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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