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Transform physical and emotional pain with the Feldenkrais Method. Is pain holding you back from leading the life you want? The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle approach that brings awareness to old habits of posture, movement and thought allowing you to rediscover the ease and flow you felt as a child. Using the science of neuroplasticity and the wisdom of mindfulness, Feldenkrais helps you find a greater sense of joy and grace in your body and mind, allowing you to truly embody the person you want to be.;

Sunshine Coast Feldenkrais - Neuroplasticity in Action

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Phil and Liz offer 1:1 coaching, group classes and workshops for deep, lasting physical and emotional healing.

Learn how to rewire neural pathways, reconnect with your powerful pelvic core and explore mindful, joyful movement.

You’ll feel supported and nurtured every step of the way on your personal journey of transformation and Embodied Awareness.

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Tuesdays 6pm and Fridays 10am

When was the last time you noticed how you stood up from a chair or your bed? Are you aware of how you walk or how you breathe?

Our bodies do thousands of automatic movements each day as we lift objects, change positions, or just sit at our desks. We’re blissfully unaware of how we make these basic movements until we begin to feel pain in some part of our body.

Over a lifetime of repetitive movements, poor posture, stresses and injuries, our wonderful bodies learn to compensate. We grow new neural pathways to avoid movements that cause us pain and learn to use other parts of our bodies to accomplish those movements instead.

Unfortunately, over time, we can experience pain and wear and tear in those parts of our body that are compensating. They’re being used to make movements they’re not designed to, resulting in injury and inflammation.

When you bring awareness to these basic movements, you take them off autopilot and can begin the process of consciously rewiring your brain to build new, healthier neural pathways. You can come back to that place of ease and freedom from pain that you enjoyed as a child.

In these  gentle one-hour weeookingskly  Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes you will explore your body, releasing stress and allowing healing to happen in its own time.

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“I had very tense muscles in my neck and shoulders for several years. One workshop with Liz and Phil released those stubborn muscles. I am amazed at the simplicity of the Feldenkrais method and love the results. It makes us stop and be aware of how we move our bodies. It's a joy to spend time with Liz and Phil. -Jan Maree Garner



These 1:1 sessions use your innate power of neuroplasticity to teach you pain-free ease of movement.

If you suffer from chronic pain, you’ll explore the root cause of your symptoms and move towards lasting healing. These sessions are deeply relaxing and gentle, combining passive and active movements and breathwork.

By bringing conscious awareness to unhealthy patterns of movement that are causing you pain, you can begin to build new neural pathways as your body re-learns how to move in the way it’s supposed to.

During your sessions, you’ll get curious about the way your body moves, and explore how it feels when you make small changes to these movements.

The emphasis is on building awareness without judgement, to move towards long-lasting health and growth.

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“As an osteopath on the Coast, I regularly recommend adults and especially children to Liz and Phil for Feldenkrais treatment. Their skills in rehabilitation are second to none. Phil has helped me so much with old knee injuries and with my aikido. Outstanding and amazing results from these two.” - Roger S Kingston


The pelvic floor is arguably the most important muscle group in the body, involved in an enormous number of internal and external movements as well as our stability. It holds your abdominal organs in place, is involved in your breathing, sexuality, childbirth, and elimination systems.

Your pelvis is the seat of your personal creative power and core strength.

As we age, go through childbirth, experience trauma, or just sit for too many hours a day, our pelvis and the muscles and bones within it can become dysfunctional. We may experience weakness or an inability to fully relax the pelvic floor. We may suffer from pain, sexual problems, or incontinence.

These 3-hour Pelvic Potency Workshops teach gentle ways to reconnect to this sacred part of your body. You’ll learn easy and relaxing movements and use breathwork to bring a new awareness to the landscape of your pelvic floor.

Using the Feldenkrais Method, you will:

  • explore connections between different muscles and movements
  • find and release any unnecessary holding
  • discover new possibilities for relating to this potent part of your body.

After completing one of these educational workshops, you can expect to experience:

  • enhanced personal power, creativity, and deepening sensuality
  • prevention or reduction of incontinence and prolapse
  • increased sexual pleasure.

Each workshop builds on what you’ve learned in the last one, so I recommend starting with Stage 1 and working your way through to Stage 3.

After a certain age, many of us encounter the reality of gravity in new and sometimes not pleasing ways. The Pelvic Potency workshop addresses the issues that many women face in regard to pelvic health and offers the gift of enhanced awareness and deepening of the relationship between the mind and body. 

In this 3-hour workshop, we will utilize the Feldenkrais method to:

  • explore connections
  • find and release any unnecessary holding
  • discover new possibilities for relating to this potent part of our body. 

What you can expect from this workshop, which is designed as an educational experience is:

  • enhanced personal power deepening of sensation
  • prevention from incontinence and prolapse or more information about reversal if it’s already here and,
  • increase sexual pleasure

A Full Day Intesive is offered once a quarter to support the deeper integration of the learning and enance the neurological effects.

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'I participated in a pelvic potency workshop and had one on one sessions with Liz and I can honestly say she has made a big difference in my life. Her genuine care and knowledge is evident, the method is easy to experience and implement and beneficial to people of all ages and abilities. She has helped to diminish pain and discomfort I have felt for 7 years. I am so grateful to have met her.'  - Kristy Koda


Manifesting Embodied Grace is a six-week program that invites a deep enquiry into the person you long to be.  Underpinned by the My Manifesto Individuation process, which I developed in 2009, MEG combines Feldenkrais movement exploration, psychological processes, music, and joyful, free flow embodiment.

Over the six weeks you’ll explore your current reality and move toward a future-self reality that encompasses the parts of your nature that are longing to be lived. You’ll look at your perceptions of the world, your body, relationships to people, family, and money and find where these ideas and beliefs sit in your body.

Each week you’ll delve a little deeper into the enquiry, finding the places where movement is free flowing and where it’s blocked in your body or your mind. You’ll work through your blockages using gentle exploration of what else is possible, until in the final week you’ll unfurl out of your cocoon and open your wings to the new being who has been unearthed!

The MEG program is designed as an overview course to bring a greater sense of awareness about:

  • your current story
  • hidden desires
  • judgments of self and others
  • self-limiting beliefs and blocks

This course incorporates a weekly program to work through at your own pace, plus weekly 1:1 coaching with Liz.

The MEG course will soon be moving online

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"Testimony to process Liz's capacity to make the space for grace to thrive Brought us alive to the myriad messages the body provides  To lead us to weave the threads of our souls into existential lace."-Rose O'Donohue

I have participated in two programs with Liz - Pelvic Potency and Manifesting Embodied Grace, as well as a number of Awareness Through Movement sessions. Liz is an absolutely potent facilitator. Super subtle and sensitive, working with her produces profound results so gently you might not quite notice anything was happening except you feel completely different afterward - and may take astonishing new actions, previously unconsidered. After the Pelvic Power workshop I was empowered to start really exploring how I could make a living doing more of what I love. Following the Manifesting Embodied Grace program i felt clearer again on my direction and started taking positive action right away. Highly recommend both programs for anybody seeking to explore new and more self aligned ways of being in the world Liz is also an expressive dancer and loves a good giggle. I’ll definitely be working with her again -Rachael Skying Earth Circles


6 Services

Awareness Through Movement Friday 9.30am with Liz Page

Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais Method
$20 Per class

In these gentle one-hour weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes you will explore your body, releasing stress and allowing healing to happen in its own time. Book Here:

Functional Integration bodywork session

Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais Method Feldenkrais Method
$110 Per session

These 1:1 sessions use your innate power of neuroplasticity to teach you pain-free ease of movement. Book a session:

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