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I am an experienced natural therapist with a passion for listening to people and helping them on their healing journey. By using gentle and practical trusted healing methods that have been used and passed down from healing masters, I work through the client's problem to help them achieve positive outcomes. I feel blessed to be able to offer a holistic approach to healing through both energy healing and counselling. My aim is to help people find peace within and feel the happiness that we are all wanting.


Focus areas

Wellbeing Numerology Chakras Energy Focus Yin

Advanced Practitioner Spiritual/Holisitic Counselling is a method of counselling that incorporates all aspects of a person's life, including their chakras (energy centres within the body), numerology, and beliefs.  Exploring all these areas takes the client on a journey of self-enquiry and helps them develop a new understanding of who they really are.  

Reiki help enormously to relax the body, mind and spirit so that client can refocus, feel more positive and find peace within.

Crystal therapy is a way of using the amazing energy of crystals to help rejuvenate and heal our body, mind and spirit.  I am able, with the help of the crystals, to locate the imbalances in the client's chakras and then balance them.  The unnatural environment we live in each day effects the energy in the body and its 7 chakras.  A chakra balance helps us to feel balanced, promotes good health and brings balance to our mind.  Its great for students studying for exams, people in high-powered management positions and for general well-being.  Regular natural therapy sessions are a must for our health long term and has a positive effect on the rest of your family.



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$40 Per hour

I am an experienced Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a method of healing through the universal life force, chi energy or prana energy to help balance and heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Advanced Practitioner Spiritual Counselling/Holistic Counselling

Spiritual Healing
$50 Per hour

Spiritual and Holistic Counseling addresses not only your mental and emotional well-being, but also your physical health and your soul. By incorporating every aspect of your ‘being’ good outcomes can be achieved.


  • Advanced Practitioner Holistic Counselling

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