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Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Remedial Hot Stone, Corporate, Reflexology, Honey Massages

Svetlana's Artisan Remedial Massage - INCREASE YOUR LIFESTYLE

Focus areas

Relaxation Joy Circulation Lifestyle Stress Management Emotional wellbeing

We help you to increase your lifestyle through a range of Massage Techniques such as –

  • Remedial deep tissue massage – improved body function & healing, stimulation & unblocking of neural pathways

Many people think that Deep Tissue Massage is an unbearable pain during the whole session. As I am a professional massage therapist I tell you - IT IS WRONG!

If a masseur uses correct technique and has good anatomy and physiology knowledge so clients feel just slight pain or how my clients tell me - "This is a good pain"!

New certified remedial massages:

      Help reduce ARMS, SHOULDER and UPPER BACK pain.
      Usually, symptoms are similar to "tennis elbow" so
      • if you have fatigue and a dull ache in the upper forearm or
      • the same signs at the back of the hand or wrist


  • Remedial Lymphatic Drainages – stimulate the immune system, improve body metabolism. Recommended for those wanting to lose weight &/or begin a weight loss regime in conjunction with exercise & diet (removes & congestion, especially in the abdominal region.

Many clients often ask me what Lymphatic Drainage Massage is and how it affects your health. Now, without using academic words and difficult medical terms, I will try to explain to you all the advantages of the massage.

The Lymphatic system is like windows and doors at our home guard us against infections and other environmental hazards. It is like a kitchen water filter, purifying lymph before it reaches the blood system. Malfunction of the lymphatic system can lead to uncomfortable feeling too serious health problems.

Examples of disorders of Lymphatic system are:

    • When lymphatic drainage from a limb is blocked so internal fluids accumulate and the limb gradually becomes swollen. If the condition stays on, the connective tissues lose their elasticity and the swelling becomes permanent
    • Another example is more common as many people face this problem. Sometimes my clients tell me that they can hear a noise or pulsation in their heads. Usually, this means that the lymphatic system is overfilled with toxins so people can hear their own bloodstream.
    • All these problems partially or totally can be improved by Lymphatic Drainage Massages. It is also extremely useful for improving body metabolism, stimulating the immune system and recommended for those who are wanting to lose weight because it removes congestion, especially in the abdominal region.
    • After a massage treatment, I will explain to you how to provide simple movements for self-massage during and after taking shower.
      (ref. Martini/Nath, Fundamental of Anatomy & Physiology, 8th edition,chapter 22) - additional information of reflexology(feet)  massage 


  • Pregnancy massage – emotional support & relaxation, relieves stress on joints, eases back & neck pain. Massage treatment during 1st trimester is CONTRAINDICATED


  • Reflexology – restoring and maintaining balance to the body. Our feet are a mirror of our body. During just 1 hour its effects improving your joints, digestive system & lymphatic stream. Combined with high-quality products the massage will help you relax and have an enjoyable time


  • Corporate massage – it is a short massage through your clothing. Reduce your anxiety/tension, stress or absenteeism during your lunch break!


  • Pre/post event sport massage -clear metabolic waste


  • Remedial Therapy massage – promotes a sense of relaxation and renewed energy


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5 Services

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage with/without hot cups

$80 Per hour

improved body function & healing, stimulation & unblocking of neural pathways

Remedial Lymphatic Drainage

$80 Per hour

stimulate immune system, improve body metabolism.

Business Hours

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10:00 am To 6:00 pm


  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT50307)

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