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Dee Swain Life Pathways

Dee Swain

Wolli Creek NSW 2204

Dee Swain Life Pathways

I am passionate about life in its many guises –  people, art, living & wellbeing, business, and so much more...

dee swain life pathways



My name is Dee Swain, I am a practitioner of hypnotherapy, counselling, and I also provide many kinds of assistance through business & life coaching and teaching, helping people is what I am most passionate about – as I know from first-hand experience what a difference it can make to all our lives.

I have been through several life sea changes: A high flying executive (figuratively & literally), a business consultant, a teacher/lecturer – and also for a long time during all this a person on a roller coaster consumed with stress, anxiety and depression. I have found myself and now identify as transgender – genderfluid (I prefer she/her pronouns). Happy in myself and being me.

No longer will I be a victim, but take responsibility for me. I wake up each day refreshed and eager to get out and make a difference.

If you are ready to be helped – and step up – I know I can help you. We all need help in different ways; have a look at the suggested services and what works for you. I can also help with additional therapies and coaching – and working together, we can tailor make a program for you.

Please give me a call, and let’s talk about your needs and get something started – something for you! ^^



Hypnotherapy & Counselling

  • anxiety/stress

  • wellbeing & self-esteem

  • habits – smoking/alcohol

  • weight control

  • obsessive-compulsive

  • phobia

  • pain relief

  • life focus / goals

  • business & careers

let’s connect to discuss your needs

Service description and pricing:

A complimentary preliminary 15 minute discussion on your needs is available.

An in-depth first consultation to discuss your problem, and determine an effective therapeutic treatment. A first therapy session. If by hypnosis then a first treatment to implant our agreed suggestions. Session time 1.5 hours, price $150.

An ongoing program of treatment as agreed in consultation. In the case of weight control, anxiety and some other needs, a program of sessions is best for optimal effect. Additional Sessions 1-hour duration, price $100.

Program pricing is available, at a 10% discount. Program lengths vary depending on client needs and treatments.

Business & Life Coaching

  • life focus / goals

  • business & careers

  • startups

  • small business

  • marketing & branding

  • leading others & building teams

let’s connect to discuss your needs

Dee has been helping people with their business, life goals and careers for over 20 years.

Coaching and consulting focused on your needs and goals. Tailored for you, and working towards what you want to achieve – tomorrow and into the future.


Service Categories

Calming sea thoughts
Being in the calming moment, and mindful.